Holy Trinity Catholic Church - Bandon, OR

    St. John the Baptist Catholic Mission - Port Orford, OR   

Father George Kuforiji

Holy Trinity Calendar of Events

(See below for some instructions on how to use/view this calendar.)


Some instructions on using/viewing the Google calendar

  1. The default view is monthly, but you can click on the weekly tab (on the upper right just above the calendar)  to see more events displayed.
  2. Click on the event to see more detail.
  3. To move between months (or weeks if you are using the weekly view), click on the symbols "<" (back) or ">" (forward) displayed next to the month label. on the upper left just above the calendar.

To see the entire meeting description which includes meeting notes, you have to do a couple of awkward things. Just follow the directions below:

If you want to read the entire description, click on the "agenda" tab (on the upper right just above the calendar) and then click on the event.  The entire entry will be displayed.  Sometimes you have to hunt for the calendar entry in agenda but just use the ">" or "<" arrows to move through them until you find what you want.

 To print,

  1. Select the week, month or agenda tab view you want and then click the printer icon next to the word "print." 
  2. You'll then get a dialog box for selecting options.  If you can't see the whole dialog box, then you'll need to make your text size smaller (View/Text Size/Small).  Select options, including "print descriptions" if you want to see that.
  3. Click "print" or "save as" button.  Use the "tab" key to get to the bottom of the dialog box if you don't see the "print" button. Note that Google's week and month printing is more consistent than the agenda tab selection.
  4. You'll then get the usual printer dialog box to select your printer, etc.

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