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Meeting Minutes of January 16th, 2015

The meeting was held at St. John’s Catholic Church on Friday, January 16th and was called

to order at approximately 3:20 pm by Chair, Sarah Thurow, following a light repast presented

by Nancy.


Present were: Sarah Thurow, Chair; Mary Morganti, Vice Chair; Sherry Johnson, Secretary; Father Robert Wolf, Pastoral Administrator; Nancy & Bob O’Donnell, Pat Huntzinger, Mary Jane LaBelle, Rolando Rodriguez, Jim Hajek and Gary Dietel.


Opening Prayer: was given by Fr. Wolf    


Minutes: The minutes of the meeting of  November 7th, 2014 were accepted as presented.



  1. Budget & Finance: Gary Dietel said we are “happily still in the black”. Collections are a little low, but 3 or 4 times a year we get “boosts” (a large donation given by parishioners all at one time).

Gary announced that the church received a check today from the living trust of Micki & Jim Struck for $10,000! Both these long time members of our church have passed on recently. The money, according to the trust, is to be used for emergencies, not for church operating expenses. A motion was made that the money be put into a savings account and be used as specified in the trust (MSP: Nancy/Gary). Discussion followed about ways of thanking the Struck family by a letter and card and Mary Jane also suggested that we put up a plaque, in the church area proper, honoring them. She volunteered to look into it and take care of it herself, after we receive a response from the family.

Notes on Gary’s smart Phone regarding finances from Lynda Dietel:

We should add James Huntzinger as a signer on our bank accounts, since he is now a member of the Finance Committee. A motion was made to add James Huntzinger as a signer on all our bank accounts (Motion moved, seconded & passed: Mary Morganti/Nancy O’Donnell).

Good Samaritan’s Purse (Christmas Shoe Boxes): Lynda said that checks to be put inside the boxes for shipping should be written by individuals, not by the church or women’s guild. It was suggested this be referred to Priscilla.

Christian Foundation for Children & the Aging (CFCA). We have been supporting (at $25 a month) a girl named Misna Zurbano of the Philippines since she was 12 years old. She is now in her 3rd year of college and will be graduating within the year. It was agreed to continue to support her until her graduation.

  1. Maintenance: Bob O’Donnell, who has been taking care of the inside of the church as a volunteer, told the group that the current paid janitor, Art McMahon, is retiring and he would like to apply for the job of cleaning the inside of St. John’s Church. Father said he should fill out and application and a Hiring Committee should go over it and make the decision. Gary, Marvin and Mary Jane were suggested for the committee.

Rolando said we need to restock supplies for the altar and that we need some repair work done on the sound system. Mary Jane volunteered to pick up the supplies needed and Bob and Gary, with Marvin Zuber, will contact the electrician we are already talking to about repairing various electrical problems and also find out who is qualified to repair sound systems and add that to the work needed.

  1. Women’s Guild/ Altar Society: Mary Jane reported that there was $4958 in their bank account. Sarah said that the Women’s Guild doesn’t need to report their finances at the PAC meetings. There will be a meeting, this coming Sunday after Mass, to set up a schedule of their activities for the coming year.


  1. Community Outreach: Nancy reported that it has been a quiet two months, as far as people asking for our help, until yesterday, when she helped 3 homeless people traveling through town with 3 cats…she gave them bus vouchers, food vouchers and traveler’s kits, with warm socks, which was much appreciated (as one of the men had no socks on).

She said that she had been in contact with our new police chief, Hank Hobart, about people sleeping on our church property, specifically our bench in back. He wanted to know if the church wanted him to issue trespass warnings. Father said that letting people hang out at St. Monica’s in Coos Bay got quickly out of control and they had to stop it and hire a security service to patrol the area at night. After a discussion, the group agreed that the police could give a verbal warning the first time, and maybe a second time, then, if it happened again, issue a written trespass warning,. Installing a security alarm system, in case someone tried to break into the building, was discussed and Sherry agreed to look into it and report back to PAC.

Sherry gave a report on the Salvation Army bell ringing during the holiday season. Our collections this year were only $721.63, well below previous years. She explained why (many people out of town before the holidays, etc.) but asked if anyone in our church would like to take over organizing the bell ringing next year or should we ask First Community Church if they would like to be in charge of it, since they have a younger and larger membership and great enthusiasm for the project. The group said, that they thought asking the other church would be a great idea.

  1. Publicity: Sherry said she sent publicity to the local newspapers for the Christmas caroling, which went very well. Rolando said since it was pouring down rain, we were invited inside Ray’s to sing by their new manager. All the carolers as well as the employees of Rays were given Christmas treats.
  2. Music: Lynda Dietel was not present, but Gary read her messages from his smart phone regarding issues she wanted to bring up: She reported that she is learning the music for the Mass of the Resurrection.


Administrator’s Report

  • ·          New Hires: Father Wolf said that he would be working on hiring new cleaning people for both here and for the Bandon church.


New Business:

  • ·          Card Tables: A discussion was held about buying our own card tables for the church gathering area, since the ones we have been using belong to Priscilla and they are so popular. Sarah said she would speak to Priscilla to see if she wanted to sell them. It was suggested it would be a good project to raise donations for. It was mentioned having a “Games Night” sometime in the future.
  • ·          New PAC Officers & By-Laws: Sarah said Mary Morganti will be moving up to Chair of PAC and we will need to elect a new Vice Chair and a new Secretary. It should be done by our April meeting which according to the early minutes of PAC, is when they should be installed. It was mentioned that we never wrote a complete set of By-Laws for PAC, but just passed a few motions about its structure when needed. Sarah said as her departing gift to PAC, she would put together a set of suggested By-Laws for our group with Father Wolf’s assistance and then bring them before PAC for discussion and a vote.


Next PAC meeting: will be held on Friday, Feb. 20th at 3pm. 


Closing Prayer: Father Wolf gave the closing prayer.


The meeting was adjourned at approximately 4:30 pm.

Sherry Johnson, Secretary 


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