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Minutes of February 20th, 2015

St. John’s Pastoral Administrative Committee



Meeting Minutes of February 20th, 2015


The meeting was held at St. John’s Catholic Church on Friday, February 20th, 2015 and was called

to order at approximately 3pm by Chair, Sarah Thurow.


Present were: Sarah Thurow, Chair; Mary Morganti, Vice Chair; Sherry Johnson, Secretary; Father Robert Wolf, Pastoral Administrator; Father Eric Anderson; Parochial Vicar, Nancy & Bob O’Donnell, Pat & James Huntzinger, Mary Jane LaBelle, Rolando Rodriguez, Jim & Rosie Hajek, Lynda Dietel, Joan McDow, Colleen Gryzana, Sharon & Marvin Zuber.


Opening Prayer: was given by Father Wolf.  


Minutes: The minutes of the meeting of January 16th, 2015 were accepted as presented.



  1. Budget & Finance: James Huntzinger, a member of the Finance Committee, in the absence of Gary Dietel, Finance Chair, gave the report.  He discussed the signatories on the church bank account at Rogue Credit Union. He read the current list of signatories and it was moved to remove several names, leave on several names and add several new ones as listed below:

It was moved by Mary Jane LaBelle, seconded by Sharon Zuber & passed unanimously to:

Remove the names of: Father Rodel de Mesa & Cheryl Wickham

Leave on the names of: Gary Dietel, Sherolyn Johnson & Helene Harrington-Collins

Add the names of: Father Eric Anderson & James Huntzinger

James Huntzinger was asked to handle the paperwork with the Rogue Credit Union and make sure all the signatories would go and sign the necessary paperwork in person.

2.      Maintenance: Bob said he would be getting some maintenance supplies. He asked for input from the congregation on the job he is doing cleaning the church (a round of applause followed from the members present in appreciation of his work in keeping the church so clean). A discussion followed about electrical problems and Father Anderson mentioned needing outdoor lights in the back of the church at night. Marvin said he would get an electrician to the church to follow up on these concerns. Marvin said there would be a clean-up work party on the outside of the church in March before Easter. He said he will be retiring from being in charge of outdoor maintenance in April and we will need someone to volunteer to take his place. Father Wolf said he would take care of getting Bob O’Donnell officially on the payroll as an employee in charge of weekly indoor maintenance and cleaning..

3.      Women’s Guild/ Altar Society: Mary Jane reported that there would be a Women’s Guild Meeting after Mass on Sunday, Feb. 22nd.  She mentioned she has a list compiled of the activities of the Guild in the coming months. The Open Hearth Dinner, which the Women’s Guild is in charge of will be on April 7th at the Community Center, doors opening for dining at 5:30pm. Mary Jane, who usually organizes this project, will be out of the country on that date, but will ask someone else to be in charge of the event. The Altar Society needs were discussed and Mary Jane said she had purchased the needed supplies that were mentioned at the last PAC meeting. The Woman of the Year Award was announced last Sunday after Mass: Priscilla Lang was introduced as the 2015 Woman of the Year for St. John’s.

  1. Community Outreach: Nancy said it had been a quiet month, as far as people asking for our help. She explained to the group the various vouchers that she is still distributing. Sherry said she would be updating the annually distributed handout: Public Assistance Available in Port Orford. A discussion followed about what to do when someone shows up at the church and demands food and assistance and shows signs of being psychologically disturbed and is intimidating. Father Wolf suggested we start documenting incidences like this in the future in case we need to call on the local police for assistance with the same individual, at a future date.
  1. Publicity: Sherry said she sent publicity to the local newspapers about the recent announcement of our 2015 Woman of the Year Award and an article has already appeared in the Port Orford News with a photograph of Nancy, the 2014 Woman of the Year handing a bouquet to Priscilla Lang, our 2015 Woman of the Year. Sherry said she had also sent the article and photo to our archdiocese monthly newspaper, The Catholic Sentinel, and possibly, they might publish it as well. The St. John’s Phone & Photo Directory, for the New Year, was distributed after Mass two weeks ago and has been well received. Sherry said she had printed 30 at the first publishing and has since printed another 10 directories. She said she mailed out approximately 10 directories to people who have recently left the church but were still involved with the congregation and had received back a thank you card with a donation and also phone calls in appreciation. She will print up more directories when needed. Sherry asked for opinions about publicizing the Soup Suppers and Stations of the Cross in the local newspapers. The people, who do the organizing of the meals, explained how difficult it would be to plan the meals without knowing the number of people who would be showing up. Sherry said, considering that, she would not put articles in the local papers to publicize the events.
  2. Music: Lynda said that Father Anderson has been very helpful with the music at church. The entire choir is now doing the cantor part of the Mass and will continue to do so. She said she would not be able to attend the Gregorian Chant Conference that is coming up out of town, and if anyone is interested in going, please discuss it with her.


Fathers’ Report

  • ·          Stations of the Cross: Father Wolf asked how we wanted to do the Stations of the Cross during Lent. Rolando was asked if he would be willing to organize them and he said he would. It was mentioned that the TV station: EWTM will have the Stations of the Cross on television for those in the communities who can’t make it to church services.
  • ·        Meetings of the churches in the parish: Father Wolf suggested a meeting of the two churches that make up our parish to discuss how we can assist each other. It was later suggested in the meeting, that we send two delegates to the meetings of the Pastoral Council at Holy Trinity in Bandon; since that is the number of votes we are allowed, on the Pastoral Council. Sarah suggested that the officers of PAC take turns being a delegate and perhaps someone from the Finance Committee could be the other delegate.  She suggested we all think about it and she will put it on the agenda for discussion at our next PAC Meeting.
  • ·        Marriage & the family questionnaire:
  • ·        Penance Service:
  • ·        Lent & Holy Week Schedule:

Then a discussion followed about Holy Week and the times of the services at St. John’s.

It was tentatively agreed on as follows:

            Lord’s Supper: Thursday, April. 2nd at 4pm

            Good Friday: Friday, April 3rd at 3pm

Easter Vigil (only to be held at Holy Trinity in Bandon – carpooling should be available – members of our choir will attend and sing): Saturday, April 4th at 8pm 

            Easter Sunday: Sunday, April 5th at 8:30am (to be followed by a brunch)


Old Business:

  • ·          Card Tables in the gathering area: Since Priscilla was not at the PAC meeting, the discussion was postponed until she could be consulted.
  • ·          Alarm System for church: Sherry said she has been trying to contact the current Computer Bytes owner, but had been unsuccessful. She will continue to try to gather the info and report back to PAC.
  • ·          New PAC Officers: Sarah made an appeal for volunteers for the jobs of Vice Chair and Secretary of PAC. Nancy O’Donnell volunteered to be Vice Chair and it was moved that she be nominated and be the new Vice Chair of PAC as of April, when the new officers start their jobs (MSP: Joan/Colleen).
  • ·          PAC By-Laws: Father Wolf said the way we have PAC set up, meets the rules of the parish. Sarah said she would be putting together a statement of how we are operating our PAC as of now, so it could be voted on and included in the minutes of the next meeting.
  • ·          Security for the church:  James discussed different ideas for security at the church. He mentioned security during the Masses. Father Anderson suggested that a greeter or an usher could sit in a chair in the doorway of the gathering area, looking into the church & participating during the service, yet able to view anyone entering the church. That way, in case a stranger came into the church unexpectedly, someone would be available to answer questions, etc. Marvin & Sharon Zuber volunteered to take turns, as did James Huntzinger.


New Business:

  • ·        Mothers’ Day: Nancy announced that Mothers’ Day Brunch would be held on Sunday, May 10th after Mass and that the men would be cooking and serving the brunch, normally highlighted by pancakes.
  • ·        Disposing of sewing machine & old music organ: It was suggested that we donate both to the Senior Center Rummage Sale coming up in March. The sewing machine should bring in up to $25 and the organ, which doesn’t work as far as anyone knows, could be given away free, if necessary.


Next PAC meeting: will be held on Friday, April 17th at 3pm at St. John’s in the gathering area. 


Closing Prayer: Father Wolf and Father Anderson led the group in praying the Rosary.


The meeting was adjourned at approximately 4:40 pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Sherry Johnson, Secretary 



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