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Minutes of September 19th, 2014

The meeting was held at St. John’s Catholic Church on Friday, September 19th and was called to order at 1:30pm by Chair, Sarah Thurow.

Present were: Sarah Thurow, Chair; Mary Morganti, Vice Chair; Helene Harrington-Collins & Gary Dietel, Co-chairs of the Finance Committee; Sherry Johnson, Secretary; Father Robert Wolf, Pastoral Administrator; Lynda Dietel, Nancy O’Donnell, Millie Hass, Priscilla Lang, Rolando Rodriguez, Colleen Gryzwana, Sandra Scott-Clark, Rosie & Jim Hajek, Dolores Cedillo, Marvin & Sharon Zuber, Mary Jane LaBelle, Eric Johnson and Joan Mc Dow.


Opening Prayer: was given by Father Wolf.


Minutes: The minutes of the meeting of June 11th, 2014 were accepted as presented.


Administrator’s Opening Comments: Father Wolf told the group that he wants to schedule a special meeting two weeks from now to listen to the comments of the church members regarding changes and problems happening at St. John’s, that they would like to discuss. Father said he wanted to table any discussion about these points until then and that Father Anderson will be invited to attend. The special meeting will be held on Thursday, Oct. 2nd at 3pm at the church.



  1. Budget & Finance: Helene handed out a balance sheet (See copy attached to these minutes on the church bulletin board). She told the group that she is resigning as Finance Committee Co-Chair because of family health concerns. Gary said he would like to have more people to help him count the money, etc. Marvin & Sarah said they would be willing to learn the job and help out.
  2. Maintenance: Nancy spoke for Bob O’Donnell, since he was not present. She said that we need the services of an electrician for problems around the church. Priscilla said that she could recommend a very good local licensed electrician who has done work for her. A motion was made to hire an electrician and have him give us a bid on the job (MSP: Marvin/Lynda). Marvin said he would organize a work party to do outside work at the end of November. Lynda said that she had problems with the cleaning of the church not being done thoroughly. Father Wolf said he would look for our contract with the man who cleans both churches. Sarah asked for a list of things that needed to be done better and Nancy said she would put up a list in the kitchen for people to write any complaints on.
  3. Women’s Guild/ Altar Society: Mary Jane announced that the Rummage Sale on Sept. 5th & 6th went well and made $931 (See info on Women’s Guild bank account attached to these minutes on the church bulletin board). She said the Christmas Bazaar will be on Saturday, Dec. 6th and our next Open Hearth Dinner will be on April 7th. The kneeler for confession was brought up and Mary Jane said that no decision has been made about its purchase as yet. Colleen said that so many things have changed and that we need a class on the liturgy. Father said he would have Father Anderson make up a list of instructions, he would edit it and then we would have a liturgical training class.
  4. Liturgy & Religious Education: Rolando said he is resigning all his jobs in church: Liturgy, Religious Education, Cantor, Choir, etc. Rolando also said that Gary & Cheryl Wickham are not serving on the altar due to health reasons. Sarah said that we are going to need replacements for Religious Education & Liturgy Directors. Father recommended that we leave these two positions open until after the special meeting in two weeks.
  5. Outreach: Nancy said she is making more travel kits to give to the needy and mentioned things that she is putting in them and would like people to donate. Father asked her for a list of things that are put into our travel kits to help our other churches that are doing something similar. Sherry asked the group if they wanted to continue organizing and running the Salvation Army Bell Ringing in the two weeks before Christmas…the response was “Yes!”.
  6. Publicity: Sherry said she had made a poster for the Rummage Sale and Priscilla thanked her for doing the program for the Blessing of the Fleet.
  7. Music: Lynda said that Father Anderson has made many changes to the music and that they are learning chants that Father requires in the Mass. She mentioned that the choir is loosing members and we will be loosing our Cantor, Rolando. She asked Father if it would be OK to say, instead of chant the responsorial psalm and the gospel acclamation. Father said it would be all right if the lector read the psalm & the acclamation, as long as we don’t have a cantor. Lynda mentioned that she had just received new music hymns and they are very beautiful and joyful.


Old Business:

  • Handicapped Access for Doors : Marvin said he has talked to the company and they would be   installing them next week.


New Business:

  • ·          Picnic: A discussion was held on when to hold the picnic. The Zubers will be cooking hamburgers and asked everyone else to bring side dishes. Rosie said we are having a White Elephant Exchange at the picnic and asked everyone to bring a gift to contribute and that it should be wrapped.
  • ·          Scheduling Ushers: Sarah asked if we need to schedule ushers as well as lectors & servers. Rosie said she would make sure there were ushers each Sunday and that we didn’t need a formal schedule
  • ·          Mass Intentions & Announcements: Mary Morganti said she is doing the Prayers of the Faithful. Announcements were discussed. Father said they should be given to the Priest before Mass so he can make the announcements after the service. Rolando encouraged people to put announcements & events into the parish bulletin. (Contact Allison or Jeanne at holytrinitybandon@yahoo.com).
  • ·          Keys: Marvin asked who was in charge of the keys for the church. It was mentioned that Ken Brewer was in charge before he left the area. Gary said there was a list of who has keys on the church computer and he would be “keeper of the keys” at least for the time being.
  • ·          Capital Campaign: Marvin asked Father where was the 25% of the campaign collection, that was supposed to be returned to the churches who donated them. Father said he would check on that and report back.


Administrator’s Report

  • ·          Special Meeting: will be held 2 weeks from now on Thursday, October 2nd at 3pm. Jim asked to have an organized way to handle the meeting. Father said he wanted to have everyone speak their minds, get everything out, deal with issues and decide hierarchy of responsibility and hopes a balance will be struck. He and Father Anderson will have a discussion after the meeting. Sarah said we needed to have the next PAC meeting sooner than normally planned so the decisions can be discussed. Father suggested having a PAC meeting once a month through the fall while we work out the problems. Father said he would write a letter specifically for the Bandon & Port Orford churches explaining his and Father Anderson’s roles in the churches.


Next PAC meeting: will be held on Friday, October 17th at 3pm.


Closing Prayers: Rolando and Father Wolf gave the closing prayers.


The meeting was adjourned at approximately 3:35 pm


Sherry Johnson, Secretary 


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