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Meeting Minutes of November 7th, 2014

The meeting was held at St. John’s Catholic Church on Friday, November 7th and was called

 to order at 3:07 pm by Chair, Sarah Thurow.


Present were: Sarah Thurow, Chair; Mary Morganti, Vice Chair; Sherry Johnson, Secretary; Father Robert Wolf, Pastoral Administrator; Father Eric Anderson, Parochial Vicar, Nancy O’Donnell, Pat & James Huntzinger, Priscilla Lang, Marvin & Sharon Zuber, and Mary Jane LaBelle.



Minutes: The minutes of the meeting of October 17, 2014 were accepted as presented.



  1. Budget & Finance: Gary Dietel was out of town but sent a message to Sarah: We are in the black, but contributions are down. The bill for the handicapped door access has been paid by the church.
  2. Maintenance: Nancy spoke for Bob O’Donnell, since he was not present. She said after the recent storm, Bob checked for leaks inside the church and didn’t find any. She said that we “desperately” need an electrician to do some work in the church. Priscilla gave the name and number of a local electrician to Nancy and she said that Bob will follow up on it. Marvin said that he would be organizing a clean-up day for the outside of the church in the next couple of weeks.
  3. Women’s Guild/ Altar Society: Tickets for the Thomas Kinkade Christmas Tree raffle are on sale at the Gift Shop in the gathering area. The guild has ordered a kneeler with a cushion for the confessional area.
  4. Community Outreach: Nancy reported that we got lots of donations for Common Good after the storm of Oct. 25. She has also been working with the RV Park owners to get food, etc. to people who had their RVs damaged in the storm. 
  5. Publicity: Sherry said she will be doing a poster for the Christmas Bazaar, to be held on Dec 6th. She is also working on printing more church phone directories.
  6. Music: Lynda Dietel was not present, but had sent a report to Sarah: Helene donated a keyboard to the church, since the organ has died. Pat will be accompanying the choir while Lynda is out of town.


New Business:

  • ·          Announcements: A discussion was held about making announcements to the congregation after mass. Father Anderson said to place a copy of the announcement on his desk before mass. Announcements for the church bulletin should be sent by e-mail or phone to Jeanne Kurttila, Parish Administrative Assistant at her office at Holy Trinity: holytrinitybandon@yahoo.com. Whoever is in charge of an event or project, should send the information to Jeanne.
  • ·          Ready to Smile Program: Priscilla gave a report about the Rotary sponsored Ready to Smile Program, which provides free dental care for local children. It was moved that the church (PAC) donate at least $100 (more if possible) to this program (MSP: Nancy/Pat).
  • ·          Christmas Shoe Box Gifts: Priscilla said she had purchased gifts to be put into the shoeboxes that will be donated to the Good Samaritan Project organized in Port Orford by First Community Church. The boxes are ready to be assembled on the back tables in the gathering area.
  • ·          Hughes House Decorating: Priscilla said St.. John’s will be decorating the dining room of the Hughes House this year. She plans on decorating on December 7th and could use help. 
  • ·          Christmas Schedule: Mary asked if the schedule for Christmas mass is out yet, so she can plan lectors, etc. After a discussion, it was decided to have at St. John’s.
  • ·          Church Decorating: Mary Jane asked when we could decorate the church for Christmas. Father Wolf said the church could be decorated after mass on the Sunday before Christmas (Dec.21st). Advent decorations can go up after mass on the Sunday before the beginning of Advent (Nov. 23rd). A discussion was held about creating our own wreaths to decorate the church this year. Mary Jane said she would hold a . Any donations of greenery for the wreaths can be dropped off at Mary Jane’s home before the party.


Administrator’s Report

  • ·          Parish Calendar: Father Wolf said that he would like to have a calendar of church events so he can plan his schedule. Father Anderson said he would be happy to sit down after mass with church members and work out a calendar with various dates set in advance.
  • ·          Advent Penance Service: Will be held on Thursday, Dec 18th at 7:30pm at St. John's.


Next PAC meeting: will be held on Friday, January 16th at 3pm. 


Closing Prayer: Father Anderson lead the closing prayer.


The meeting was adjourned at approximately 4:10pm.


Sherry Johnson, Secretary 


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