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Meeting Minutes of March 19th, 2014

The meeting was held at St. John’s Catholic Church on Wednesday, March 19th and was called to order at approximately 9:58am by Chair, Sarah Thurow, after everyone had helped themselves to a delicious potluck brunch following the Wednesday morning Mass.


Present were: Sarah Thurow, Chair; Carol Hart, Vice Chair; Helene Harrington-Collins & Gary Dietel, Co-chairs of the Finance Committee; Sherry Johnson, Secretary; Father Rodel de Mesa, Parish Priest; Lynda Dietel, Nancy O’Donnell, Millie Hass, Priscilla Lang, Rolando Rodriguez, & Carol Strenkoski.


Opening Prayer: Grace was lead by Father Rodel.


Minutes: The minutes of the meeting of January 22nd, 2014 were accepted as presented.


Old Business:

  1. Handicapped Door: Carol reported that we are waiting to see if our request to the Archdiocese for a matching grant to install automatic door opener on the front & back door will be granted. If they do grant the request, the 50% balance will be sought from the Friends of St. John’s.
  2. Bench Plaque: The plaque was given to Gary to install on the outdoor bench.
  3. Welcome Book: Carol said that Sherry had printed up 5 new welcome books and 3 have already been given out.


  1. Budget & Finance: Helene said she and Gary were receiving much needed help on the Finance Committee from Carol Strenkoski. A balance sheet of our finances (see a copy posted with these minutes on the bulletin board at church) was distributed and Father said he was concerned when he sees that the collections are down from previous years…and felt that even though we are paying our bills now, what comes in must balance what goes out. Helene said that even though our income is down, our expenses have been down too. A discussion followed and the consensus from the church members was that if we have a need for more money, the people in the church will come forward to meet the need.
  2. Maintenance: Gary said there was not much to report….everything is just fine. He is working on preparing a church operations and maintenance manual. 
  3. Women’s Guild/ Altar Society: Carol said the nudge she gave the congregation at Mass to donate money for Easter flowers worked well and she had received over $137 and more was coming in. Their bank account is over $6000. Nancy reported that the Guild sponsoring a “Day at the Library” went over well and that we were the first church to ever come forward and volunteer to help raise funds for the library. Nancy said the Womens Guild plans to sponsor another day in June to commemorate the birthday of St. John the Baptist.
  4. Outreach: Nancy said the travel kits were very popular but she said she didn’t want to publicize that we have them available because then she was worried people would ask for them who don’t really need them. She said that she didn’t feel we needed to be handing out clothing and felt we should donate the clothing we have accumulated to someone else to be handed out in another way, such as giving them to the Common Good. Millie remarked that she had heard that they no longer want to be distributing clothing.


  1. Publicity: Sherry said she had distributed articles about St. John’s Woman of the Year and that they appeared in both local papers, the parish bulletin and might appear in the next Archdiocese newspaper, the Catholic Sentinel.

She mentioned that a local artist, Harry Wareham, who is not a member of St. John’s, had donated an original painting to the church. The picture is his vision of the first Catholic Church that was built in the area, which was located on the road to Cape Blanco and was called “Mary, Star of the Sea”.  The church was located past the Hughes House in the area of the Pioneer Cemetery. A few of the burial markers seen in the painting, can still be seen from the road, when you are on the way back from the lighthouse. She mentioned that the Catholic church has always valued original art and thought that a nice article in the local papers, thanking Harry for the donation of his painting, would be appropriate and might encourage other donations of art.

6.      Religious Education: Rolando said he has no religious training going on right now

7.      Liturgy: Rolando distributed a handout regarding need for help with the upcoming liturgies for the Holy Season: Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter (see a copy posted with these minutes on the bulletin board at church). Father said the times of several of the Masses would be announced later in the bulletin. Cheryl Wickham will have sign up sheets out by this Sunday for people to sign to be servers, readers, to have their feet washed, etc. and will announce it at Mass.  Millie will do the decorating for Easter. Rolando also mentioned that we have been invited by St. Christopher’s church to join them for Stations of the Cross on Friday, March 26th at 5pm and we have invited them to join us on April 4th at 5pm. 

Father said he would like to have a delegation from St. John’s to participate in the Holy
Saturday Pascal Vigil at Holy Trinity Church at 9pm in Bandon on April 19th, since there will be no service on Saturday in Port Orford. Already our choir has agreed to sing there. The  group discussed organizing car-pooling to Bandon to encourage other St. John’s members to attend this service. Father said he plans to hold an open house at the rectory after the vigil and hopes to have a good turnout from St. John’s on this important day of the church calendar. 

  1. Music: Lynda said she was using a catalog to plan the music for our Sunday Masses so they coordinate with the readings, but still likes to give the choir members input about the choice of music during their weekly choir practice on Saturday morning. Having different members of the choir, other than just Rolando, do the cantering on Sundays, has been working out well.
  2. Pastor’s Report:
  • ·        Holy Saturday Pascal Vigil:  Father
  • ·        Father will be gone for a month:


New Business:

  • ·          New Laptop Computer: Rolando mentioned that we should be looking for a new laptop computer for the church for future needs.
  • ·          Easter Decorating:  It was discussed when Millie could begin decorating the church for Easter and Father said that she could start decorating after the Good Friday service.


Next PAC meeting: will be held on Wednesday, June 11th at approximately 9: 30am following the 9am Wednesday Mass and will be preceded by a potluck brunch.


Closing Blessing: The closing blessing was lead by Father Rodel.


The meeting was adjourned at approximately 10:54am.


Sherry Johnson, Secretary 


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