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Meeting Minutes of November 20, 2013

The meeting was held at St. John’s Catholic Church and was called to order at 9:50am by Chair,

Sarah Thurow. A delicious potluck brunch was served after the Wednesday morning Mass and before the meeting.

Present were: Sarah Thurow, Chair; Carol Hart, Vice Chair; Helene Harrington-Collins, Co-chair of the Finance Committee; Sherry Johnson, Secretary; Father Rodel de Mesa, Parish Priest; Nancy & Bob O’Donnell, Millie Hass, Eric Johnson, Priscilla Lang, Rolando Rodriguez, Todd Cook and Dolores Cedillo.

Opening Prayer: Grace was lead by Father Rodel.

Minutes: The minutes of the meeting of Sept. 18th, 2013 were accepted as presented


  1. Budget & Finance: Helene handed out a balance sheet (see attached copy on church bulletin board). She pointed out that we are somewhat low on cash in our account: $1624.40. Our collections are down from last year. Father said he would be asking parish members to give a special donation in the Christmas letter he will be sending out. Other ways of increasing our donations were discussed, including having Helene or Gary Dietel make a presentation to the congregation.
  2. Maintenance: Marvin was absent and Bob had no report, other than an outdoor clean-up had been done recently.
  3. Women’s Guild/ Altar Society: Carol said they have a balance of $6900 in the bank. This is thanks to the money made on recent events such as the Rummage and Estate Sales.
  4. Outreach: Sherry said she will be organizing the Salvation Army Bell Ringing fundraiser for the two weeks before Christmas: Dec. 7th-24th. She will give the other churches first choice of days and after that will be asking members of St. John’s to sign up for the open time slots. Rolando said he would organize another Community Christmas Caroling on Dec. 24th from 10am-11am.  Sherry mentioned that she had just printed 4 more phone directories to get us through the end of the year and will start preparing the 2014 directory in January. Nancy suggested we have available items to give away to people in need, like socks, in addition to the food and bus vouchers. Priscilla proposed we have something like a “clothes closet” at the church where we could store donated items like socks, jackets, mittens, etc. for this purpose.
  5. Publicity: Sherry said she had sent articles to our local papers about the Bell Ringing and Carol said she had sent in an article to the Catholic Sentinel about our upcoming Christmas Bazaar &Tea, which will be held on Dec. 7th.
  6. Liturgy: Rolando handed out an article from the Archbishop reviewing the events of the coming Advent season. Rolando then discussed the liturgy and events that will be happening at St. John’s during Advent, Christmas and after.
  7. Music: Lynda Dietel was absent so there was no report. It was suggested the person who prepares our Parish Bulletin be notified that Lynda is our new music director, so the correction can be made to the list in the Bulletin.
  8. Pastor's Report:
  • ·        Thanksgiving Day Mass: Father said he will ask the members of the congregation to write on a piece of paper what they are thankful for and then have them put it into a basket. It was pointed out that there are no servers or lectors assigned to participate on that day. Helene will call Cheryl Wickham so she can make the arrangements
  • ·        Christmas Decorations: Decorating the church was discussed and Father was reassured it has been taken care of.
  • ·        Archbishop’s Address: This coming Sunday, a video of our Archbishop will be shown during Mass.
  • ·        Audit Report: Father said that the Archdiocese has requested thaat St. John's prepare projected budget for the coming year to be sent to them. Also, they want our balance sheets, that are handed out at the PAC meetings, to be done in their specified format. Helene and Sarah will work on it.

New Business:

  • Rotary Club Request: Carol said she had received a letter from the Rotary Club asking for a donation to their program that provides free dental care for the poor in Port Orford. Sarah said the Friends of St. John’s always make the donation.
  • ·        Outdoor Bench: Nancy suggested the church purchase a placque for the outdoor bench that was donated by Sherry & Eric. Nancy and Sarah will talk to Carol about having it ordered.

Old Business:

  • ·        Welcome Package: Carol discussed the packet she is working on that will be given to new members of our congregation. She said she had distributed a first copy at the Women’s Guild Meeting for feedback. She asked for input from those present regarding the history of St. John’s. After the new members have filled out and returned the registration form from the packet, they will be given a church phone directory and a free church cookbook.


Next PAC meeting: will be held on Wednesday, January 22nd at approximately 9: 30am following the 9am Wednesday Mass and will be preceded by a potluck brunch.


Closing Blessing: The closing blessing was lead by Father Rodel.


The meeting was adjourned at approximately 11:00am.


Sherry Johnson, Secretary 


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