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 Meeting Minutes of May 8, 2013

The meeting was held at St. John’s Catholic Church and was called to order at 10am by Chair, Marvin Zuber. The delicious potluck brunch, preceding the meeting, was enjoyed by all.


Present were: Marvin Zuber, Chair; Sarah Thurow: Vice Chair; Sherry Johnson: Secretary; Helene Harrington-Collins: Finance, Father Rodel de Mesa: Parish Priest; Rolando Rodriguez, Dusty Harrington-Collins, Carol Hart, Rosie Hajek, Todd Cook, Sharon Zuber, Lisa Guerrero & Nancy O’Donnell.


Opening Prayer: Grace was lead by Father Rodel.


Minutes: The minutes of the meeting on March 13th, 2013 were accepted as corrected: Under the Pastor’s Report: “the annual Vicariate Meeting”, should read “the annual Confirmation Celebration”.



  1. Religious Education & Youth Outreach: Rolando said he would be continuing with the catechism classes after he returns from his spring retreat.  Charles will continue studying from Rolando’s weekly notes. Father Rodel said he would be willing to give some religious education programs while Rolando is gone and the classes would be open to anyone in the community.
  2. Budget & Finance: Helene reviewed the budget she handed out (See budget attached to these minutes on the church bulletin board). She said the total cash we have now is adequate. Our income and expense ratio is good. She pointed out several categories in the budget that she plans to rename or reorganize, for better clarity.
  3. Women’s Guild/ Altar Society: Carol Hart’s brief report was: “We have one.  It does things!”
  4. Publicity: Sherry discussed the publicity that she has done in the past two months. There was a photo and article in the local paper about Charles Guerrero’s confirmation, which also appeared in the Catholic Sentinel, distributed throughout archdiocese. There were flyers and articles in the papers about the Holy Week & Easter schedule. Dusty pointed out the small flyer, that he had created several years ago to publicize St. John’s, which are distributed at visitor centers and other places in the area. He said it needs to be updated and reprinted. Father said it should be corrected to say that confessions are heard “by appointment”, instead of “before mass”. It was moved that Dusty take care of having it updated and reprinted (MSP: Sharon/Sherry).
  5. Liturgy: Rolando reviewed who, in the church, should be helping with the different responsibilities of the weekly liturgy. 

6.   Maintenance: Since Bob was unable to attend the meeting, Nancy reported that the faucets in the kitchen and bathroom have been replaced.  She said Bob would be happy to help with any maintenance projects. Todd said he would continue to help with outside maintenance. The cleaning of the inside of the church was discussed and the lack of satisfaction with the job being done by the person we hire. Several examples were the lack of thoroughness in cleaning as well as forgetting to lock the doors when they leave. Father suggested they be given a warning. Carol agreed to prepare a list of the things needing to be done or improved and give it to Father who agreed to talk to our cleaning person, Art, and explain this is the last warning, before he is replaced.

  1. Community Outreach: Sherry told the group that we had received a thank you letter from First Community Church for helping to prepare Christmas shoe box gifts. She read the list of places our boxes were sent to around the world. She handed out copies of the new updated and distributed list of “Public Assistance Available in Port Orford” and noted new additions to it. Sherry suggested we consider offering rides to church to people that live in the community who cannot drive themselves to mass. Father said he felt we should have a signed waiver from them, releasing the church from any responsibility. He said he would check with the archdiocese regarding this and get back to her.

Sherry said that Nancy is answering the church cell phone again. Nancy announced the Red Cross Blood Drive will be held at St. Johns on Mary 28th and said she needs 2 or 3 “church sitters” to watch over the church during the hours it is happening.


Pastor’s Report:

  • Father Rodel said the Archdiocese Catholic Appeal goal for our church was $2050. Last year we raised $1830, or 90% of our goal and that he would like us to make it 100%. Letters are in the mail this week to all parishioners regarding this fundraiser. Donations can be returned by mail in the envelope enclosed in the letter or dropped in the collection basket during mass.
  • Father said he would be away over the weekend of June 1st and 2nd. A priest from Cross International will lead the mass and explain their program and collect donations for it.


Topics for Discussion:    

  • Annual Confirmation Celebration: Father said he is still working with the archdiocese about holding the next confirmation celebration at St. John’s, for celebrants and their families from the various catholic churches in our area. He is concerned that we may not have enough space available in our church to hold all the people who might want to attend.
  • Religious Art & Music Shows: Sherry urged those present to be sure to see the current art show, inspired by Russian icons, at TriAngle Square Gallery. Sarah told the group about the Russian singers who will be performing music from the Orthodox Church, this Thursday evening at the Zion Lutheran Church.
  • Election of PAC Officers: The following slate for the new executive board of the Parish Administrative Committee (PAC) was presented:

           Chair: Sarah Thurow

           Vice Chair: Carol Hart

            Secretary: Sherry Johnson

            Finance: Helene Harrington-Collins and Gary Dietel

           It was moved that the above slate of officers be approved (MSP: Marvin/Sherry).

  • ·        Pest Control: We have canceled our contract with Bugsy Boys, because of bad service. Marvin said we had an offer from Eden Pest Control to do our pest control for $85 a quarter. It was moved that we sign a contract with Eden Pest Control (MSP: Carol/Sherry).


Next PAC meeting: will be held on Wednesday, July 24th at approximately 9:30am (following Mass).


Closing Blessing:  The closing blessing was lead by Father Rodel.


The meeting was adjourned at 11:07 am.


Sherry Johnson, Secretary 


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