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Minutes of March 13, 2013


  The meeting was held at St. John’s Catholic Church and was called to order around 9:45am by Chair, Marvin Zuber. The potluck brunch preceding the meeting was a celebration of the 29th birthday of Father Rodel, who brought a special noodle dish to share, that is popular in the Philippines. 

 Present were: Marvin Zuber, Chair; Sarah Thurow: Vice Chair; Sherry Johnson: Secretary; Father Rodel de Mesa: Parish Priest; Rolando Rodriguez, Dusty & Helene Harrington-Collins, Carol Hart, Jim & Rosie Hajek, Millie Hass, Priscilla Lang, Gary & Lynda Dietel, Mary Jane LaBelle, Carol Strenkoski, Todd Cook, Sharon Zuber & Lisa Guerrero.                            

Opening Prayer: Grace was lead by Father Rodel.

Minutes: The minutes of the meeting on January 16th, 2013 were accepted as presented.


  1. Religious Education & Youth Outreach: Rolando said Charles Guerrero, who has been studying and preparing for 2 years, will be confirmed at Easter.
  2. Budget & Finance: Helene said she felt that she and Gary made a good team for handling the church finances. They plan to review ongoing bills to see if any expenses can be reduced, such as pest control.
  3. Women’s Guild/ Altar Society: Marvin thanked the Women’s Guild for a gift of $2500 they gave to the church. Priscilla announced the newly elected officers for the Women’s Guild/Altar Society are: President: Carol Hart, Secretary: Sarah Thurow & Treasure: Lynda Dietel. The recent “Leftovers” Rummage Sale brought in $482. The Women’s Guild will be buying a new amplifier for Father to use during Mass so people can hear him more clearly. A discussion followed about memorial plaques to put beside the Stations of the Cross. Father suggested a large memorial wall plaque could be hung inside the church where the names of deceased parishioners could be added in the future.
  4. Publicity: Sherry said she would be doing publicity for the upcoming Holy Week. It was mentioned that Shirley Nelson prepared a monthly calendar of events for Port Orford and any events we want listed could be given to Helene to give to Shirley. Sherry said she had printed 40 of the new church phone directories that were distributed in January and we had just run out of them this week. She will print up more soon and as the need arises in the future. A discussion followed about other churches using our phone directories and Father said we should be careful of the privacy of our members and keep a record of who has our directories, outside of our church parish.
  5. Liturgy: Rolando discussed things that needed doing in preparation for Holy Week. A rehearsal will be held on Saturday before Palm Sunday. Father urged members of our church to attend the Holy Vigil on Saturday night before Easter at Holy Trinity Church.

6.   Maintenance: Gary talked about checking the vents inside and outside the church. Marvin said we will clean up the yard in the next week or so.  Church security was discussed and everyone was asked to be vigilant about making sure the doors were locked before leaving the church, especially since several of our doors are new and tend to be difficult to lock. Our new printer/copier is working great and was purchased for the church office by our Women’s Guild.

7.  Community Outreach: Sherry said she would be answering the church cell phone while Nancy recovers from her recent surgery and maybe longer, if Nancy wants some time off from the job. We have purchased a new cell phone, since the old one was corroded inside and often stopped working. A new Public Assistance Flyer will be prepared soon and distributed around Port Orford. Our turn to host the Open Hearth Dinner will be coming up in May and Mary Jane will again be the organizer.

Pastor’s Report:

  • Father Rodel said there would be a bus leaving from our Coos Bay church for those who would like to attend the installation of our new Archbishop on April 2nd in Portland. The cost for transportation is $25 and anyone wishing to go should contact Father Rodel by this Monday.  Father suggested we think about hosting the annual Vicariate meeting that is held after Easter and is attended by the Archbishop and all people being confirmed from the churches in our region. He said the Port Orford and Bandon churches are both in a central location on the coast and it would be a good chance to get to know the new Archbishop. The response of the group was positive and Father said he will find out more about the logistics of hosting it. Father mentioned he has put the new group photo of the members of St. John’s on the church website.

Topics for Discussion:    

  • Safety Grant: Carol Hart said the Archdiocese has a Safety Grant Program and the deadline to submit a request is in 10 days. The grant requires the church pay half of the cost of a project and they will pay the other half. She suggested that we could use automatic door openers on the front and back doors to allow easy access for our handicapped church members. Father said we should get a bid to install them as well as any other safety features that might be necessary, before we submit the grant request and felt we might not have time to do all this before the deadline. Carol agreed to be in charge of the project.

Next PAC meeting: will be held on Wednesday, May 8th at approximately 9:30am (following Mass).

Closing Prayer:  The closing prayer was lead by Father Rodel

The meeting was adjourned around 11am

Sherry Johnson, Secretary 


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