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Minutes of July 24th, 2013

The meeting was held at St. John’s Catholic Church and was called to order around 10am by Chair, Sarah Thurow. The delicious potluck brunch, which was served after the Wednesday morning Mass and before the meeting, was enjoyed by all.

Present were: Sarah Thurow, Chair; Carol Hart, Vice Chair; Helene Harrington-Collins & Gary Dietel, Co-chairs of the Finance Committee; Sherry Johnson, Secretary; Father Rodel de Mesa, Parish Priest; Dusty Harrington-Collins, Rosie Hajek,  Marvin Zuber, Nancy O’Donnell, Millie Haas, Joan McDow, Lynda Dietel, Lisa & Charles Guerrero (who left early) and Eric Johnson.                              

Opening Prayer: Grace was lead by Father Rodel.

Minutes: The minutes of the meeting on May 8th, 2013 were accepted as presented.

Old Business:

  1. Cleaning Service: Carol mentioned that we had talked about some problems with our cleaning service at the last PAC meeting. Carol said she had made a list of them, as she was asked to do. Father said he had talked to our cleaning man about the job and he said he would “try to do a good and decent cleaning”. Sherry mentioned that he had left a note at church about things he is concerned about. It was suggested that communication between the couple who do the cleaning and members of our church, was a good way to proceed. 


  1. Religious Education & Youth Outreach: Rolando is still on his retreat, so there was no report.
  2. Budget & Finance: Helene handed out a balance sheet (see attached copy on church bulletin board). Gary said he was happy that we are in the black. Father noted the collections at mass are down from last year, probably because of the loss of church members.  He said we should try to get our collections back up. Sherry asked about the amount of money shown under Community Outreach collections for the past year ($3289.83). Helene said that is money put aside (10% of collections) for possible outreach needs in the future. Father suggested that we only set aside a limited amount for outreach and the rest should go back into general savings. It was moved that we keep up a reserve of $2000 in the Outreach Fund and the balance can go into savings (MSP: Sherry/Marvin).
  3. Women’s Guild/ Altar Society: Carol said they have a balance of $4840 among their various accounts. She pointed out that their largest fundraiser, the Annual Rummage Sale is coming up in August and will be for 2 days this year: Aug 2nd & 3rd and that the flyers were printed and ready to be put up. Father thanked the women’s group for all the things they do for the parish.
  4. Publicity: Sherry discussed the articles about offering people rides to church that she had put in local papers and also it ran in the Catholic Sentinel. So far she has not received any calls requesting a ride, but thinks people in the area will remember that they are available.  She also said she felt it was good publicity for St. John’s and the Catholic Church in general, since she mentioned it was inspired by our new Pope Francis . Dusty suggested that she put up notices about the free rides and post them at the Senior Center and campgrounds. Others suggested the: laundromat, library, Blue Building and in Langlois. Dusty said he will be getting the small handout that he created a few years ago, with the photo of the outside church cross on it and listing mass times, etc. reprinted soon.
  5. Liturgy: Rolando is still on retreat until August…no report.
  6. Maintenance: Marvin said he would be having a summer clean-up soon.
  1. Community Outreach: Sherry handed out a list of our current outreach programs (see attached copy on church bulletin board). She also mentioned a man who contacted us because he wants to find handyman jobs. She suggested he be invited to come to St. John’s on a Sunday morning so he can personally talk to people about working for them.

Pastor’s Report:

  • Second Collections: Father Rodel discussed the second collections made during Mass and reminded us that we are part of the greater church and to please give more to these occasional request for money.
  • Liturgy: Father said he was happy we had all stepped up to help with the weekly liturgies, since Rolando left on his retreat. He encouraged us to continue to use the talents we have shown, even after Rolando returns.
  • Automatic Door Opener: A safety grant that is available from the archdiocese was discussed. It would provide money to put an automatic door opener for the handicapped on the back door. Father said the letter requesting grant money needs to be ready to send in before January.

New Business:

  • Church Picnic: Rosie suggested we consider having the picnic at the church, and give the Zubers a break from hosting it every year. Marvin said hosting it has been no problem for them. A discussion followed about having a picnic at the church and concerns, such as the south side of church not being landscaped for walking and the possible privacy problems that might occur holding a large picnic outdoors in this location. Father said he feels the idea of having a picnic at a private home seems more like a family gathering. Carol said other people might volunteer their homes in future years. Father suggested we go to the Zubers home again this year for our picnic. It will be on Sunday, August 11th.
  • Hosting the Vicariate Confirmation Celebration: The challenges of hosting such a large gathering in our small church was discussed. Father said there could be a couple hundred people attending and was concerned that would be a larger group than St. John’s could handle for services and a meal. He suggested that perhaps we could offer to help a larger church in our area in hosting it.
  • ·        Outdoor Bench Donation:(MSP:Carol/Nancy).
  • ·        Shoes for Kids: Lynda brought up this program that gives local children new shoes before school starts. They have about 100 kids to supply and it costs them $40 per child. It was moved to make a donation of $160 to this fundraiser: $80 from the church funds - to sponsor 2 children and another $80 from the Women’s Guild funds - to sponsor 2 children (MSP:Carol/Nancy). Carol held a vote among the members of the Women Guild who were present and they approved of their part of the donation.
  • ·        Tapestry of the Last Supper: Lynda showed everyone a tapestry that had been donated to the church and a discussion followed about where it should be hung. It was decided to put it in the serving area above the pass-through that goes into the kitchen. Lynda suggested we take down our current print of the Last Supper, that is hung in that location, and sell it at the Rummage Sale.

Next PAC meeting: will be held on Wednesday, September 18th at approximately 10am. Everyone agreed we should have another potluck brunch before the meeting.

Closing Blessing:  The closing blessing was lead by Father Rodel.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 11:47am.

Sherry Johnson, Secretary 


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