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Minutes of January 16th, 2013

The meeting was held at St. John’s Catholic Church and was called to order at 10:07am by Vice Chair, Sarah Thurow (Chair, Marvin Zuber, was unable to attend the meeting). The potluck brunch preceding the meeting was organized as a farewell party for the Colozzis.


Present were: Sarah Thurow: Vice Chair and Acting Chair for the meeting; Sherry Johnson: Secretary; Father Rodel de Mesa: Parish Priest; Phil Colozzi: Budget & Finance; Mary Colozzi, Rolando Rodriguez, Dusty & Helene Harrington-Collins, Nancy & Bob O’Donnell, Carol Hart, Jim Hajek, Millie Hass, Priscilla Lang, Gary Dietel, Mary Jane LaBelle and Raymond Garcia, a visitor, who was invited to join us for brunch.


Opening Prayer: Grace was lead by Father Rodel.


Minutes: The minutes of the meeting on Nov. 14th, 2012 were accepted as presented.



  1. Religious Education & Youth Outreach: Rolando said Charles Guerrero continues in his classes and is doing well.  Helene announced she would be retiring as Chair of Religious Education at the end of the PAC year (June 2013). Sarah asked those at the meeting to consider volunteering for the job of Religious Education Chair and also for the position as the next Vice Chair of PAC, when Sarah moves up to the position of Chair in June.
  2. Budget & Finance: Phil said that Gary Dietel & Helene Harrington-Collins have agreed to be signers on the bank accounts and jointly take over the job as Budget & Finance Chair when Phil & Mary move to Idaho. A motion was made by Carol Hart & seconded by Mary Colozzi, that Phil Colozzi be removed as a check signer and Gary Dietel and Helene Harrington-Collins be added as check signers for our accounts at Rogue Federal Credit Union (formerly Chetco Federal Credit Union). The motion was approved by a majority.  

Phil said the church needs a new copier. A motion was made that Phil investigate the price of a new copier, find something appropriate and report back to the next PAC meeting. (MSP: Mary Jane/Carol). Priscilla said she would approach the Women’s Guild to see if they might volunteer to pay for the new copier.

Phil handed out and reviewed the current financial report (see a copy of financial report on church bulletin board attached to these PAC minutes). He said we have paid off the money owed in arrears to Holy Trinity. He reported that the income from donations to St. John’s has gone from approximately $50,000 a year to approximately $32,000 a year. It was suggested that Phil make a brief presentation at a Sunday Mass about our financial situation and ask people to increase their contributions. A discussion followed about creative ways of increasing our income at St. John’s. 

  1. Altar Society/Women’s Guild: Priscilla said the Christmas Bazaar was a great success and that we took in over a thousand dollars. She reviewed the money in the bank account: Checking: $696.60, Savings: $3511.03, Cookbooks: $458.98, Flowers: $513.36, Raffle: $320.61, Altar Society: $289.84 and Miscellaneous: $41.88. Rolando mentioned that some of the clothing used on the altar needing washing.
  2. Publicity: Sherry said she had put articles in the local papers with our liturgy schedule for Christmas. She reported that she has started the printing of the new church phone directory. Rolando thanked her for making posters inviting the community to join in the Christmas Caroling in front of Ray’s on Dec. 24th, which was well attended.
  3. Liturgy: Rolando reviewed some of the procedures on the altar for Mass.
  4. Maintenance: Phil said he needed to bury the wires to the new cross (on the front of the church) and that he and Bob are working on several other projects. Bob said we need a new faucet in the men’s bathroom. Priscilla asked about preparing a garden on our church property for flowers. It was suggested to talk to Marvin Zuber about planning it.
  5. Community Outreach: Sherry said the Salvation Army bell ringing raised just over $2000. Nancy   

reported that she has been talking to the Red Cross about using the church for future  blood drives and is  trying to find out their schedule for the coming year.


Pastor’s Report:

  • Father Rodel said there will be a transition regarding handling of finances at our parish (St. John’s) because Phil will be going away and Gary and Helene will be taking over.
  • Father said we are having the Called to Protect program for those who are working with children and background checks for those handling money and also working with children.
  • Father talked about the $5 that he sent to each member of the church before Christmas and thanked those who had multiplied the $5 and had given back that money as a donation to the church.
  • Father Rodel discussed the Archbishop’s Catholic Appeal, to raise money for the ministries we have in the Archdiocese. He said the goal for St. John’s will be $2015 for the coming year and that Gary, Marvin & Phil will be in charge of organizing the fundraiser.


Topics for Discussion:    

  • Prayer Chain: It was announced that Lisa Guerrero would be taking over the Prayer Chain when Mary Colozzi moves to Idaho.
  • Thank you to Mary & Phil: Father thanked Mary & Phil Colozzi for all they have done for our church community in the years they have been in Port Orford.


Next PAC meeting: will be held on Wednesday, March 13th at approximately 9:30am (following Mass). Father mentioned that his birthday is on March 12th and to celebrate that, he will prepare a noodle dish from the Philippines for the potluck brunch.


Closing Prayer:  The closing prayer was lead by Father Rodel


The meeting was adjourned at 11:05am


Sherry Johnson, Secretary 


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