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Minutes of May 30th, 2012

A special meeting of PAC was called to address the questions of who will assume the various jobs that Ken & Stephanie Brewer have been doing for the church, since they recently announced they will soon be leaving Oregon. The meeting was called to order at 9:30am by Father Patrick & Chair, Marvin Zuber, following the Wednesday morning Mass.


Present were: Marvin Zuber: Chair; Sarah Thurow: Vice Chair; Sherry Johnson: Secretary; Father Michael Patrick: Pastor; Ken Brewer: Budget & Finance Chairman; Phil & Mary Colozzi, Rolando Rodriguez, Dusty * Harrington-Collins, Millie Hass, Nancy O’Donnell, Tim Carraher, Sharon Zuber, Lynda Dietel and Todd Cook.


Grace: was led by Father Patrick.


Pastor’s Report: Father Patrick reminded the group that he will be leaving Holy Trinity Parish for a new assignment and a new pastor will take over for him on July 1st.  He said the name of the new pastor would be announced soon.


Topics for Discussion:

  • Budget & Finance Chairman & Committee: Ken Brewer explained the duties and responsibilities of the position of Chairman of the Budget & Finance Committee, which he has held for a number of years at St. John’s. He said that he and his wife, Stephanie would soon be leaving to move to Arizona.

(A Going Away Party for the Brewers is planned for Saturday, June 9th from 2-6pm at the home of Mary Jane LaBelle on the Sixes River: 94408 Sixes River Rd. Please put your name on the RSVP list in the gathering area ASAP or call Mary Jane at 332-4074 so she will know how much food to prepare). A discussion followed about possible replacements for chairman and also the other two members of the Budget and Finance Committee, which currently includes: Ken Brewer, Phil Colozzi & Helene Harrington-Collins. Ken suggested Phil become the new chairman, but Phil declined the chair position but said he would stay on the committee. Phil suggested Greg Van Blair, who had told him that he would give it some thought and would get back to us after he returns from his vacation. Dusty suggested Tim Carraher, but Tim said he would be willing to take on a position to help the church, but not this one. Phil then suggested Richard Standiford and said he would suggest it to him. Rolando suggested Pam Lawrence as a possible new person for the Budget Committee.  Ken volunteered to teach Phil to do the required annual report before he leaves. After much discussion, the final suggestions for possible chairman and members of the Budget & Finance Committee were: Phil Colozzi, Greg Van Blair, Pam Lawrence & Richard Standiford.

  • Hospitality Chairman & Committee: Rolando had earlier suggested Carol Hart for a member of the Finance Committee, but it was pointed out that since Stephanie Brewer is leaving, Carol would most likely be taking on the job of Hospitality Chair, which includes being in charge of the church kitchen. Nancy O’Donnell volunteered to help Carol on the Hospitality Committee and with the work in the kitchen.
  • Liturgy Chairman & Committee: Rolando told the group that he would like someone to be able to take over his duties regarding the liturgy at the church, in case he decides to take a retreat sometime in the future. Sarah said she would like to be trained in the duties. She also said it would be helpful if we had a book listing the responsibilities of each job at the church and that she would be willing to pursue this goal. Rolando told the group he felt we should compile a history of our church. The job of scheduling people to serve on the altar during the liturgy, which Stephanie has been doing recently, was discussed. Tim Carraher was suggested and he said he would be happy to assume this responsibility. 
  • Vice Chair of PAC: A discussion was held about who would be the next Vice Chair of PAC, after the current Vice Chair, Sarah Thurow, follows Marvin as Chair next Spring. No decisions were made.
  • Maintenance Chairman & Committee: Since Ken has had the job of overseeing the maintenance of the building and the inside of the church, this responsibility will need to be handed over to others. Volunteers mentioned were: Gary Dietel and Bob O’Donnell. Ken then said he would provide the committee with a list of the 20 people who currently have keys to the church.


Next PAC meeting: Will be the previously scheduled regular meeting to be held on Thursday, June 14th, 2012 at the church. A potluck dinner will start at 5:30pm and the meeting will begin by 6pm or earlier.


Closing Prayer: was lead by Father Patrick.


The meeting was adjourned at 10:05am


Sherry Johnson, Secretary 

*Per correction of minutes at PAC meeting on 6/12/12: Helene Harrington-Collins was not present at this meeting


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