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Meeting Minutes of September 20, 2012

The meeting was held at St. John’s Catholic Church and was called to order at 5:50pm by Chair, Marvin Zuber. Pizza, salad and other potluck goodies were served at 5:30pm and enjoyed by all.

Present were: Marvin Zuber: Chair; Sarah Thurow: Vice Chair; Sherry Johnson: Secretary; Father Rodel de Mesa: Pastor; Phil Colozzi: Budget & Finance; Mary Colozzi, Rolando Rodriguez, Dusty Harrington-Collins, Nancy & Bob O’Donnell, Carol Hart, Rosie & Jim Hajek, Rick Williams, Millie Hass & Todd Cook.

Opening Prayer: was given before dinner by Father Rodel.

Minutes: The minutes of the meeting, on July 19th, 2012, were accepted as presented (MSP: Nancy/Rolando).


  1. Religious Education & Youth Outreach: Rolando reported that classes would start soon for our young church members. He said we need more altar servers. He thanked those present for being so welcoming to new people who attend our church. He mentioned a website: usccb.org/issues-and-action/faithful-citizenship which lists things to consider when you are deciding how to vote in the coming election.
  2. Budget & Finance: Phil handed out a four page financial report, which included a profit and loss statement for the last 4 years (See attached four pages). He reviewed our income and expenses and pointed out that our income from collections has dropped over the past 4 years. He told the group he plans to mail copies of this report to every church member not present at the PAC meeting. He mentioned that there was an oversight in not paying our reimbursement payments to Holy Trinity of $1500 a month for 3 months in the year ending in June 2012, for a total of $4500 and that he plans to get that paid by the end of December. Ways of increasing our income and collections were discussed.
  3. Altar Society/Women’s Guild: Rosie said she hoped the Women’s Guild would hold another Christmas Bazaar at church this year. Since Priscilla Lang and Lynda Dietel were not present, it was suggested to have a meeting of the Women’s Guild to decide on this.
  4. Publicity: Sherry showed the group our ad for St. John’s that appears each week in the Church Directory of the Port Orford News. Phil said we pay a small amount for this and it was agreed that it was beneficial to have this weekly listing of our mass times, address and contact information in the local paper.
  5. Liturgy: Rolando mentioned that we were almost at the end of our liturgical year and then Advent will start again. He reiterated that we need more people to participate in the liturgy.
  6. Maintenance: Marvin told the group that the carpet had been cleaned recently and the outside paint job was pretty well finished. He said he planned to plant grass outside by this fall. Bob O’Donnell mentioned we needed repairs on some of our overhead inside lights. A discussion followed about needing a new cross for the front of the church building. A second collection was suggested to raise the funds for the cross. Phil said he would finalize the purchase information and then make a presentation to the congregation.
  7. Community Outreach: Sherry thanked Nancy for volunteering to answer the church cell phone for the next few months. Phil explained why the gas assistance program is not in place. He said bus passes have been given to the local police officers to distribute and also to Kar Kare Auto Parts. Nancy talked about the Red Cross Blood Drive that will be held at St. John’s on Oct. 3rd and that “church sitters” from our congregation were signed up for the entire day. Father suggested we needed to review the Red Cross liability insurance covering blood drives at our church and Nancy said she will get a copy for our files.

 Pastor’s Report:

  • Father Rodel said he would hold a training session on Sunday, Oct. 14th at 4pm at St. John’s for our Eucharistic ministers, lectors, and altar servers and others involved in the liturgy. A potluck dinner will be included.
  • Father said this year is the Year of Faith in the Catholic Church and mentioned there will be several programs held at Holy Trinity beginning on Wednesday, Oct. 10th at 6:30pm, regarding this. He pointed out a leaflet of explaining this is available in our gathering area on the shelf below the missals and said he would distribute these leaflets to all our church members before the beginning of the programs.
  • Father Rodel told the group he is waiting for information from the Archdiocese to see who in our parish will need to participate in background checks and protection training

New Business:

PAC Meeting Time: Carol suggested having our PAC Meetings on a Wednesday morning following Mass, instead of on Thursday evenings. Father said he would be open to this change. There was a motion made to move the PAC meetings to Wednesday morning after Mass (MSP:Carol/Mary).

 Topics for Discussion:

  • Keys to the church: Phil said that 20 parishioners have keys to our church and that doors have been found open. He asked us to please be careful that the doors are locked when we leave.
  • Book for Children: Rolando said there is a book for children about getting along with others from different faiths that is written by a local author, E. Sandy Powell and is available at the library.
  • Ray’s Receipts: It was mentioned to be aware that there are changes in the way to donate Ray’s receipts to groups, like the Common Good and a detailed explanation is needed.

Closing Prayer: A prayer for St. John the Baptist was lead by Father Rodel.

Next PAC meeting: will be held on Wednesday, November 14th at approximately 9:30am (following Mass). A potluck brunch was suggested.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:43pm.

Sherry Johnson, Secretary 


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