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Minutes of November 14th, 2012

The meeting was held at St. John’s Catholic Church and was called to order at 9:59am by Vice Chair, Sarah Thurow (Chair: Marvin Zuber was unable to attend the meeting). A delicious brunch was enjoyed by all.

Present were: Sarah Thurow: Vice Chair and Acting Chair for the meeting; Sherry Johnson: Secretary; Father Rodel de Mesa: Parish Priest; Phil Colozzi: Budget & Finance; Mary Colozzi, Rolando Rodriguez, Dusty & Helene Harrington-Collins, Nancy O’Donnell, Carol Hart, Rosie Hajek, Rick Williams, Millie Hass, Todd Cook, Priscilla Lang, Lynda Dietel, Lew & Carol Dunn.                           

Opening Prayer: was given before brunch by Father Rodel.

Minutes: The minutes of the meeting, on Sept. 20, 2012, were accepted as presented.


  1. Religious Education & Youth Outreach: Rolando said Charles continues in his classes and has invited his mother to join him in serving on the altar. He should be ready for confirmation at Easter.
  2. Budget & Finance: Phil handed out a financial report (see attached). He said from July 1st through today we were in the red for $11,438.98.  He explained that was because of the money that was overdue to Holy Trinity and also for maintenance done on the church. We have one more overdue payment to make next month to the parish and that will catch us up.  Phil said the new cross for the front of the church was paid for by donations and has been ordered. 
  3. Altar Society/Women’s Guild: Priscilla announced they will have St. John’s 3rd Annual Christmas Bazaar and Tea on Saturday, Dec. 1st. She urged everyone to donate nice items to be sold at the bazaar, that would make good Christmas gifts and said we also needed baked goods that will be sold with the complimentary tea and other beverages. Sherry will do a flyer to advertise our bazaar.

Carol Hart, who usually gets the poinsettias for the Christmas altar, said she is trying to get enough churches to go together so we could place an order with Costco and have them delivered free.

Christmas shoe boxes were put together last Saturday and this year we did 21 boxes. The group agreed it was an outreach program they would like to continue.

Carol Hart has ordered this year’s Christmas raffle item: Santa Claus telling the story of the Nativity. Tickets will be sold at our Bazaar and also at church.

Lynda reported there is $1505 in their checking account and $3510 in the savings account. She sent a check for $300 as a donation to Common Good, out of the Cook Book account, leaving a balance of $458.

  1. Publicity: Sherry said Father Rodel has done an outstanding job of remodeling the Holy Trinity Parish website. She asked if there were any suggestions of someone else who might like to be Webmaster for St. John’s pages of the website. Several names were mentioned but Father said he would do St. John’s pages if we would send him photos and stories. Sherry said she would continue to post the minutes from the PAC meeting to the site. Father said he would eventually like someone from St. John’s to be in charge of maintaining our web pages.
  2. Liturgy: Carol said the wreaths and greens would be ready in time to decorate the church by Nov. 28th. Rolando asked if we wanted to organize community Christmas caroling again on the day before Christmas and there was a resounding “Yes!” from those present. It will be held in front of Rays from 10 until 11am and everyone in the community will be invited to join us. The Vigil for the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, patroness of the U. S., a Holy Day of Obligation, will be held on Friday, Dec. 7th at 5pm at Holy Trinity Church in Bandon. The Feast of the Virgin of Guadalupe will be on Dec. 12th at our Wednesday Mass. Christmas Day Mass will be held at St. John’s at 9am on Tuesday, Dec. 25th and there will be no Wednesday Mass on Dec. 26th
  3. Maintenance: Nancy said she was the representative today for the church maintenance men. She thanked Marvin, Phil, Bob, Don & Gary Culley for doing all the work to put grass seed in front of the church on the south side.

Phil suggested reducing the wattage of the outdoor bulbs from 100W to 40W, in order to save money  and also because the church does not need to be lit up so bright at night. Those present agreed.

Discontent with the current service for cleaning the inside of the church was discussed. Instead of hiring someone else right away, Phil said he felt we should tell the current people what we want corrected and asked everyone to send complaints to him so he can put it into writing and send them to the current couple we are employing. He said if that doesn’t work, then we could consider hiring someone else.

  1. Community Outreach: Sherry announced that Nancy O’Donnell has agreed to be Co-Chair of the Outreach Committee with her. Sherry said Nancy has been doing a great job answering the church cell phone and dealing with requests for assistance and said that Nancy has asked that all requests for vouchers go through her, in order to eliminate duplicate vouchers being given out to the same individual. Nancy requested that when speaking with individuals looking for assistance, we only give them the church cell phone number and not mention her name or personal phone number.

Phil said the attempt to get a gas station credit account at one of our local stations failed, because we couldn’t guarantee to use the large amount of gas they required to be used in one year.

Nancy said she had gotten a call from the Red Cross telling her that they were canceling her husband’s appointment for a blood donation. They told her it was because of problems with St. John’s Church that they were changing the location to the high school. She told them we had no problem with hosting this particular drive and asked why they were putting the blame on us. Dusty said this is the 3rd time they have done something like this. The group agreed that Nancy should contact the Red Cross and tell them we will continue to work with them, but if they do something like this again, they will have to find another permanent base to house their blood drives in the future. A motion was made to call Red Cross and ask for a clarification of their coming schedule and plans for the location of future blood drives (MSP: Rolando/Helene).

Sherry discussed the American Cancer Society’s Fundraiser for the Relay for Life and asked if the church wanted to sponsor it or if they wanted Eric and her to continue organizing it. The consensus was that the church has enough outreach programs now and that they should continue it on their own. Many of those present said they would like to make a contribution if Christmas versions of the solar powered dancing toys will be offered again to those who donate.

Pastor’s Report:

  • Father Rodel said he would take care of organizing and creating the church website.
  • Father said he will now, in general, offer a Mass at St. John’s every holy day of obligation.  However, there will be some exceptions, like this Feast of Immaculate Conception, because it falls on a Saturday. He will inform the parishioners if there is a change like this in the future.
  • Father Rodel told the group the Advent Mass of Reconciliation will be held here on Dec. 19th at 9am.

Topics for Discussion:

  • Decorating the Church for Christmas: Carol Hart said we would have a work party decorate the altar for Christmas on Sunday, Dec. 23rd after Mass. Father said the tree can be put up before, but decorating it should not be completed until the end of Advent.
  • Electric Plugs: Carol mentioned there were problems with some of the plugs in the area of the church where the food is served. Phil said he would have the electrician who installs the new outdoor cross look into it.

Closing Prayer:  The prayer was lead by Father Rodel.

Next PAC meeting: will be held on Wednesday, January 16th at approximately 9:30am (following Mass). The ladies in charge of the kitchen will decide the menu.

 The meeting was adjourned at 11:04am

 Sherry Johnson, Secretary 


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