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Meeting Minutes of June 12th, 2012

The meeting was held at St. John’s Catholic Church and was called to order at 5:50pm by Chair, Marvin Zuber. Dinner was served at 5:30pm.


Present were: Marvin Zuber: Chair; Sarah Thurow: Vice Chair (& Acting Secretary); Father Michael Patrick: Pastor; Phil Colozzi: Budget & Finance; Mary Colozzi, Tim Carraher, Deacon Rick Williams, Rolando Rodriguez, Dusty & Helene Harrington-Collins, Nancy & Bob O’Donnell, Gary & Linda Dietel, Carol Hart, Sharon Zuber, Millie Haas & Priscilla Lang.


Opening Prayer, before dinner, was given by Father Patrick.


Minutes: The minutes of the meeting, on April 19th, 2012, were accepted as presented. The minutes of the meeting on May 30th, 2012, were approved as corrected (Helene Harrington-Collins was not present).



  1. Religious Education & Youth Outreach: Rolando reported that the First Communion pictures are on bulletin board. All went well. They will try to continue catechism classes over the summer, but will have to meet every other week. They will meet after Wednesday mass starting this week (June 13th) and continue every other week. Mary Jane LaBelle gave the children copies of the Catholic Youth Bible. Helene will continue to assist when she is in town.
  2. Budget & Finance: Phil said we have $17,590 total in our accounts. He could not give a more detailed report because of having just now taken over this job. The committee at present includes Phil, Helene, Sherry and Sarah, with others to be recruited soon.
  3. Altar Society/Women’s Guild: Priscilla presented Father with a gift from the Women’s Guild, a myrtle wood name plate for his desk in his new parish. There is now a storage locker available for items for the rummage sale.  It is number 5 at Priscilla’s place.  The key is in the usual hiding place.  (If you don’t know where that is, ask someone.)  We will also use the storage room in the church.  We already have half a room full of donations from Ben and Jean Corazza, from Ken and Stephanie Brewer and from another local person.
  4. Publicity: Sarah read Sherry Johnson’s notes on publicity: A photo of Abby Purdue & Wiley Lang’s First Communion should be in the Port Orford News by this Wednesday. She also put a picture in the paper about Taylor McLean’s Confirmation. She will do an article about Father Patrick leaving the parish and the new priest coming in and then follow that up with an article about Father Rodel de Mesa after he arrives.
  5. Liturgy: Rolando distributed a Manual for Stewards and Servants of the Church. He reminded us that this year we will celebrate the solemnity of St. John the Baptist, our patron (this occurs every eighth year).
  6. Maintenance: Marvin said the inside and outside of the church are being well maintained. There are no new issues to be addressed. The team will be called when something arises.
  7. Community Outreach: Sarah read Sherry Johnson’s notes on community outreach: Phil mentioned to her that the Port Orford Police would also like to hand out Salvation Army vouchers for bus tickets and requested we contact them. Sherry talked to Police Chief Marvin Combs and gave him the information on who to contact in the Salvation Army to get it set up. She feels this will be a great help to us if we are working together and will also take some of the burden off of us, since the police are on the street and know what is going on.  Sherry is updating the list of all the vouchers that have been given out in the past 12 months, through the end of May. When it is finished, she will distribute the list among members of the church who answer the church cell phone as well as the Colozzis and Rolando (who give out many vouchers at the church). She will put the list in the voucher book in the kitchen cupboard and on the church bulletin board. Anyone else, who would like this list, should contact Sherry.



Pastor’s Report:

  • Father Michael Patrick proposed that we take up, as an instrument of peace, composing a letter to Holy Trinity and to the Archbishop regarding our need for a priest who can remain with us for a longer term than the last two, and for this to happen there needs to be a better relationship between the priest and Holy Trinity.  He urged us to do this in a spirit of love and peace and not to cause division between us and Holy Trinity.
  • Rolando referred us to Father Rodel’s website on which he has posted a paper he wrote reflecting on making people welcome in the church, and also his most recent homily after his ordination.
  • Tim Carraher told Father Michael Patrick that “our souls go with you to support you and wish you well and your new parish will be blessed to have you,” which received a round of applause.


Topics for Discussion:

  • Red Cross Blood Drive: Nancy volunteered to take over the job of overseeing the Red Cross Blood Drives, which are held at the church.
  • Emergency Contacts: Emergency contacts for the church will be Phil and Gary, since they live closer to the church than Marvin.  Their names and phone numbers will be posted on the door. This is for emergencies concerning the building. Gary asked where the various shut offs are. Phil and Marvin will show him. Nancy and Bob live nearby as well and volunteered to serve as emergency back up when Phil or Gary are not available.
  • Maintenance: The church maintenance team will be Phil, Gary, and Bob. They will meet to plan how to proceed.  Professional cleaning will continue. Phil suggested putting the trash out on Sundays after mass. He will make supports to keep the trashcan from tipping over. He will talk to Waste Management about where to place it and make sure it is properly oriented for pick up. The south wall is in need of major repair.  The team will meet this Sunday after mass to assess what is needed and how to proceed.
  • Church Keys: Key #20 was given to Nancy. 
  • Church Responsibilities: Rolando needs help in his numerous and important responsibilities.  He has prepared a handbook, Manual for Stewards and Servants of the Church, listing what needs to be done to care for the church and its furnishings.  We need to hold a class to show those who volunteer what has to be done and how to do it.  We need lists of people willing and trained to serve in all these ministries. 
  • Home Bound Parish Members: We need a way to get and keep current information on those parishioners who are home bound and need to have the Eucharist brought to them or have other needs.  Mary volunteered to take this responsibility for the home bound.  We should let her know if we become aware of someone who needs this ministry.  Mary raised the question of how aware a person should be in order to receive Communion.  Father answered that faith may be present when memory is not, and that it is better to give Communion than to withhold it, better to give it and then deal as necessary with the results (such as someone spitting it out or dropping it). Rolando would like to see a return to naming the home bound in our prayers at mass.
  • Announcements: It was mentioned that Cheryl Wickham will take over preparing the announcements each Sunday.
  • Farewell Party for Ken & Stephanie Brewer: Carol also raised the question of offering Mary Jane a partial reimbursement for the farewell party for Ken and Stephanie. A motion was made, seconded, and passed to give Mary Jane a thank you card with $250 to help defray the costs of the party.
  • Parish Picnic: Sharon raised the question of the Parish Picnic at the Zubers’ house.  Discussion led to a consensus to have the picnic in August as usual.  The date of August 26 was chosen. 
  • Welcome Party for Father Rodel: The consensus was to have a separate welcome party for Father Rodel at an earlier date rather than combine it with the parish picnic.
  • Liturgy: Rolando said that we need someone to take responsibility for mass intentions.  We also need one or more new cantors who can substitute for Rolando when he goes on retreat. Millie suggested that we could use recordings of the accompaniment to the hymns when Lynda is absent.  Rolando said that in his opinion this does not work well and it is better just to sing a capella.


Next PAC meeting: It was decided to have our next PAC meeting after our new priest arrives. The date will be announced later.


Closing Prayer: was lead by Father Patrick.


The meeting was adjourned at approximately 6:45pm.


Sarah Thurow, Acting Secretary

(Minutes put together by Sherry Johnson, Secretary) 


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