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Minutes of November 17th, 2011

The meeting was held at 6pm at St. John’s Catholic Church in Port Orford and was called to order at 6:05pm by Vice Chair, Sarah Thurow, in the absence of Chair: Marvin Zuber. All enjoyed a potluck dinner prepared by the Colozzi’s and cookies made by Sherry.


Present were: Sarah Thurow: Vice Chair; Sherry Johnson: Secretary; Father Michael Patrick: Pastor; Rick Williams: Deacon; Ken Brewer: Budget & Finance; Phil & Mary Colozzi, Rolando Rodriguez, Dusty Harrington-Collins, Tim Carraher, & Eric Johnson.


Grace: was led by Father Patrick.


Minutes: The minutes of the last meeting, on August 25th 2011, were accepted as presented (MSP: Phil/Ken).



  1. Religious Education & Youth Outreach: Rolando said he is preparing a study program for religious education classes. He plans to have half hour classes after Mass on Sundays. Helene will work with him. Dusty asked about adult conversion classes (RCIA) and was told that anyone interested should approach Father Patrick first.
  2. Budget & Finance: Ken said we are $350 in the black in collections versus expenses and we have approximately $22,000 in the bank in savings.
  3. Altar Society/Women’s Guild: Sarah said the Christmas Bazaar & Tea is planned for Saturday, Dec. 3rd  from 9am – 3pm.
  4. Publicity: Sherry reported about publicity for the upcoming Christmas Bazaar.
  5. Liturgy: Rolando spoke about the changes in the liturgy that will start with the first Sunday of Advent and ways members of the church can follow the changes during Mass.

He suggested that we again organize Christmas caroling on the day before Christmas in front of Ray’s Market.

  1. Maintenance: Ken said the new stand-alone lights in front of the church, which were donated by the Zubers, are in place and are working, however some of the outdoor lights attached to the building are not working and he said he will take care of fixing them.
  2. Community Outreach: Sherry gave a report on the CFCA second collection held last week. She that $188, of the $300 goal was collected. There is another check still to come in and Ken said he would transfer money from the general fund to cover any shortage.

We were asked by First Community Church to help them with their Christmas project of packing shoe boxes filled with gifts to be distributed to third world countries & inner cities in the U.S. Some of the women in our church, at Carol Hart’s suggestion, met on a Saturday, Nov. 12th and managed to fill 15 boxes with donated items and items purchased by the Women’s Guild.

Sherry said she will be organizing the Salvation Army Bell Ringing again this year and will be contacting the other churches, which have participated in the past, to select their days between Dec.10th to the 24th and then members of St. John’s can fill in any days that are left.

Ken said the Common Good would be using the church on Dec. 22nd to distribute holiday food boxes to the needy in the community.

Pastor’s Report:

  • Father Patrick spoke about Living the Eucharist, a program recommended by the Archdiocese. He suggested those present could look at the archdiocese website or at livingtheeucharist.org to find out more about the program and see if we think it may be good for our parish.
  • Father said the Catholic Sentinel, in the next issue, will have an article about the changes to the liturgy and suggested we read it.  
  • Father passed around a booklet about evangelization: The New Evangelization for the Transmission of the Christian Faith, which came from the Synod of Bishops and was bound together in book form by Rolando.  He suggested the members of PAC read the introduction and first chapter, including the questions at the end of the chapter and then we will discuss it at the next PAC meeting. He said the following chapters would be discussed at future meetings. He said that the booklet could eventually be distributed to other members of the church.
  • Father Patrick thanked all those involved in hosting the Vicariate meeting that was held yesterday at St. John’s. He said it went very well.


New Business:

  • Tim asked PAC to consider improving the handicapped ramp in the back of the church. He said it was slippery and suggested having it redone from a wood to a cement ramp and making other safety improvements. Phil said he has talked to Gary Dietel about this and they are planning to make changes to the ramp in the spring.


Topics for Discussion:

  • Father mentioned several members of the church who are having health problems and what is being done to help them.


Next PAC meeting: Will be held on Thursday, February 23rd, 2012 at 6pm at church.


Closing Prayer: was lead by Father Patrick.


The meeting was adjourned at 6:50 pm.


Sherry Johnson, Secretary 



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