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Minutes of August 25th, 2011

The meeting was held at 6pm at St. John’s Catholic Church in Port Orford and was called to order at 6:37pm by Chair, Marvin Zuber, following a potluck dinner of appetizers.

 Present were: Marvin Zuber: Chair; Sherry Johnson: Secretary; Father Michael Patrick: Pastor; Rick Williams: Deacon; Ken Brewer: Budget & Finance; Phil & Mary Colozzi, Rolando Rodriguez, Dusty Harrington-Collins, Sharon Zuber, Allison Hundley from Holy Trinity, Bill Barnes, from Holy Trinity and new Chair of the Pastoral Council and Ronn Kerr, Pastor of Zion Lutheran Church & President of Rotary.

 Opening Prayer: was given by Father Patrick.

 Visitor Input- Rotary Open Hearth Dinners: Before the meeting was called to order, Ronn Kerr, asked to speak to the group on behalf of the Port Orford Rotary. He made a presentation regarding their newly initiated “Open Hearth” dinners, which are being held once a month at the American Legion Hall for the needy in the area.  Rotary would like each of the churches in town to volunteer to put on one or two of these dinners a year, with the Rotary providing $125 to cover the cost (see attached information). Before Ronn left, the Chair of PAC, told him we would discuss the proposal later in the meeting.

 Minutes: The minutes of the last meeting, on June 23rd, 2011, were accepted as presented (MSP: Phil/Mary).


  1. Religious Education & Youth Outreach: Rolando gave a report on teaching Charles Guerro to be an altar server (See Secretary’s Book for Copy). Father gave a report on the religious education programs he is giving.
  1. Budget & Finance: Ken said the figures given at the last meeting were incorrect. Instead of being $1300 in the black, we were actually $2700 in the black. Our collections are down by 13.2% from last year, but our expenses were also considerably less than previous years. Ken said the year-end report has been postponed until September.
  2. Altar Society/Women’s Guild: Priscilla Lang and Lynda Dietel were unable to attend, so Sherry gave Lynda’s report. The Guild made $535 on the Rummage Sale last Saturday and currently have $6895.68 in their various accounts (See attached copy of the report). Father said the Altar Society should be spending their money on cleaning and maintaining the Altar and  Sacristy, instead of continuing to use money from the general church funds.
  1. Publicity: Sherry gave a report on the publicity for the Rummage Sale.
  2. Liturgy: Rolando reviewed the liturgies coming up. He said the church’s first Movie Night was held this month using our new LCD Projector and Screen, which was purchased entirely with the money raised by special collection. More Movie Nights will be planned in the future.
  1. Maintenance: Ken said we are in the process of taking down the old lights in front of the church and will be putting up the new lights, which have been donated by the Zubers.Ken told the group he got a bid from Art McMahon to repair the gable end on the east side of the church, which has dry rot. It was moved to go ahead and accept the bid for $2900 and get the project done as soon as possible (MSP: Ken /Sharon).  
  1. Community Outreach: Sherry told the group that Misna Zurbano from the Philippines, who is the only child we are now sponsoring through CFCA, has graduated from high school. She will be starting a four year college course this fall and we have the option of ending our sponsorship or continuing it. It was moved to continue our contribution of $25 a month, while she completes her college program (MSP: Ken/Phil). Sherry said she would talk to Father Patrick about holding a special collection to raise the $300 needed for the CFCA sponsorship for the coming year.

 Pastor’s Report:

  • Father Patrick introduced Bill Barnes, from Holy Trinity who is the new Chairman of the Pastoral Council and hopes to continue attending our PAC meetings. Bill later told the group that he respects St. John’s Church and appreciates that no one from Port Orford ever comes to the Pastoral Council to complain about anything.
  • Father said the building project at Holy Trinity is moving forward but hasn’t come to the final stages yet. He mentioned they will have some seat cushions for pews and also lights we could have, if we want them. Mike Hennick, of Bandon, is the one in charge of their project for building a new church.
  • New Evangelization is the theme that has been selected recently by the Vatican. Father and Rolando are working on implementing it. Father said he would like each of us to report on our own evangelization efforts at the future PAC meetings. Mary Colozzi told the group about a recent evangelization effort she made while her sister was in the hospital. 

 Topics for Discussion:

  • Open Hearth Dinners: Rolando suggested, that if we decide to be a part of this Rotary project, we would need to get someone from our church to be in charge of organizing it. A discussion followed. Ken suggested something should be put into the Sunday announcements and the church bulletin asking for volunteers and perhaps one of those who volunteer will agree to chair it. Sherry said she would see the request for volunteers appears in both places.
  • Church Picnic: Will be at the Zubers’ home this Sunday. No regular mass will be held at the church but will he held at the Zubers before the picnic at 2pm.
  • Ben Corazza: Phil asked for continued prayers for Ben who is bedridden at his home and has recently stopped eating.

 Next PAC meeting: Will be held on Thursday, October 27th, 2011 at 6pm at church.

 Closing Prayer: was lead by Father Patrick.

 The meeting was adjourned at approximately 7:30 pm.

 Sherry Johnson, Secretary 


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