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St. John's Pastoral Adminstrative Committee Minutes for November 18, 2010


The meeting was held at 6pm at the church and was called to order by Acting Chair, Ken Brewer, following a tasty supper provided by Stephanie Brewer. Sadly, our PAC Chair, Glen Thurow, passed away a week after the last meeting. The Vice Chair, Marvin Zuber, will be moving up to the Chair position but was unable to attend tonight, so Ken Brewer agreed to chair this meeting.


Present were: Ken Brewer: Acting Chair; Sherry Johnson: Secretary; Father Michael Patrick: Pastor; Rick Williams: Deacon; Phil Colozzi, Rolando Rodriguez, Priscilla Lang, Stephanie Brewer, Sarah Thurow and Millie Haas. 


Minutes: The minutes of the September 23rd, 2010 meeting were accepted as presented (MSP: Sarah/Stephanie).



  1. Religious Education & Youth Outreach: Father said there are two children attending church from the Gold Beach area who are candidates for First Communion. We also have two children, Abby Perdue and Wiley Lang, who are around 7years old, and Father will approach their parents or guardians to see if they are ready to prepare for First Communion.
  2. Budget & Finance: Ken said from July through November 15th we are in the black by about $1400. We have about $22,600 in liquid assets. Potential expenses for new missals and audio visual equipment were mentioned by Rolando.
  3. Altar Society/Women’s Guild: Priscilla gave a report on the upcoming fundraiser, a Christmas Bazaar & Tea, to be held at the church on Saturday, Dec. 4th at which we will be selling donated, barely used Christmas decorations and other  items that will be appropriate for presents. Millie discussed our decorating of 2 rooms at the Hughes House for their Christmas Open House.  This year we will be decorating the kitchen and the chapel.The idea of decorating the front of St. John’s for Christmas with a nativity scene was suggested by Millie and was met with positive response from those present.
  4. Publicity: Priscilla said she is putting in ads and stories in both local papers about the Christmas Bazaar. Sherry said she will be sending in articles with photos about the upcoming Salvation Army Bell Ringing that is coordinated by the church. Rolando reminded people to send press releases of our church activities to the Catholic Sentinel, the newspaper for our archdiocese.
  5. Community Outreach: Sherry said the Salvation Army Bell Ringing will be held during the two weeks before Christmas, from Dec. 11th to the 24th. She will be contacting the other churches that traditionally participate to select their days and then after that, members of St. John’s can select any open dates. She suggested this year we hand out small candy canes to the children who put money in the kettle. Rolando suggested we organize caroling in front of Rays for one of our days.
  6. Liturgy: Rolando said we need to recruit more Eucharistic ministers and lectors and have workshops to train them. 
  7. Maintenance: Ken said we are having some problems with the outdoor lights and timers. Also, he said the standing lights in front of the church are in bad shape and suggested we need to address these problems, possibly after the first of the year.

Pastor’s Report:

  • Advent and Christmas:  Father Patrick asked who has been in charge of the wreaths and candles. The group said Carol Hart and Mary Jane LaBelle have handled them before and Priscilla volunteered to contact them about this year.
  • Capital Campaign: Father said the Archdiocese will be having a Capital Campaign this year instead of the traditional Archbishop’s Appeal. This campaign will raise money for priests’ retirement, for seminarians, as well as for charities and the general administration of the archdiocese.


Topics of Discussion:

  • Military Display: Phil suggested the display be moved from its present position to above the table on the right as you walk in the front door of the church (MSP:Sarah/Phil).
  • Coat Rack: It was moved that Phil construct a new coat rack he proposed for the gathering area (MSP: Sarah/Rolando).


Next PAC meeting: Will be held on Thursday, Feb. 17th, 2011 at 6pm at church.


Closing Prayer: was given by Father Patrick


The meeting was adjourned at 7:05 pm.


Sherry Johnson, Secretary 

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