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St. John's Pastoral Administrative Committee Minutes for September 30, 2010

The meeting was held at 6pm at the church and was called to order by our Chair, Glen Thurow, following a supper provided by the ladies of the church.

Present were: Glen Thurow, Chair: Marvin Zuber: Vice Chair; Ken Brewer: Budget & Finance Chair; Sherry Johnson: Secretary; Father Michael Patrick: Pastor; Phil & Mary Colozzi, Sharon Zuber, Rolando Rodriguez, Rosie Hajek, Helene & Dusty Harrington-Collins, Priscilla Lang, Stephanie Brewer, Sarah Thurow & Lynda Dietel.

Minutes: The minutes of the April 23, 2010 meeting were accepted as presented.

1. Religious Education & Youth Outreach: Helene reviewed the names of the children in the church that she hopes to start in a religious education program.
2. Prayer Chain: Mary thanked everyone for participating and said she feels the prayers are working in our parish.
3. Budget & Finance: Ken said he submitted a year-end budget report to the archdiocese. Last year we were $2910 in the black. This year, from July through September we are $2500 in the black.
4. Altar Society/Women’s Guild: Priscilla explained the idea of a fund rraising Christmas Bazaar to be held at the church this year on Saturday, Dec. 4th, the same day of the other Christmas Bazaars in Port Orford. It will be called a “Christmas Bazaar & Tea” and we will be selling donated, barely used Christmas decorations and other donated items that will be appropriate for presents. The table we usually reserve at the Community Center Bazaar will be sublet to Millie Hass this year, so we won’t loose it.
5. Publicity: Sherry said she would be printing 10 more church phone directories, since we are almost out of them and plans to wait until January to print new directories for everyone in the church. Updates for the current directories are available in the gathering area. Rolando asked everyone to send press releases of our church activities to the Catholic Sentinel, the newspaper for our archdiocese.
6. Community Outreach: Sherry reviewed the Salvation Army vouchers we are now distributing. They are for: bus rides, a meal at the Port & Starboard Restaurant and prescription medication written and filled at our local clinic. We have been asked by the Salvation Army to stay within a $900 budget for the coming year and she said she felt this would be possible. The vouchers we are giving which are paid for by the church are for: $7 for food at Rays & for 5 gallons of propane at Camp Blanco RV Park. She has printed an updated list of Public Assistance Available in Port Orford and it is available in the gathering area.
7. Liturgy: Rolando reviewed expenses coming up. Sherry mentioned the workbook for lectors would no longer be current after November and new ones would need to be ordered before then.
8. Maintenance: Ken said the building wasn’t “falling down” and told everyone that the church was in good shape, with just minor things needing to be taken care of. It was mentioned that Todd Cook has been doing volunteer clean-up work around the church property, which was much appreciated.

New Business:
1. Walk for Life: Mary suggested we give a donation to the Coos County Pregnancy Resource Center to support their “Walk for Life” which will be held on Oct. 2nd. It was moved that we give $100 to support this endeavor (MSP: Rosie/Sarah).
2. Rosary Rally: Mary is organizing a public reading of the rosary in front of the church at noon on Saturday, Oct. 16th. She urged the members of the church to show up for 15-20 minutes to support this nationwide effort called “America Needs Fatima” and showed a large banner that would be displayed in front of the church.
3. Blood Drive: Dusty said the next Red Cross Blood Drive will be held at the church on Oct. 6th and he needs volunteers so a church member will be in attendance.

Pastor’s Report:
· Father Patrick thanked the members of the church for the warm welcome he has been given since he arrived. He said has been observing for the last 3 months and feels that the parish is very well organized.
· He thinks we can make St. John’s more beautiful in the front with flowers and landscaping.
· He mentioned the sound system is very good inside the church.
· Father said he would like to introduce a new lay ministry in the church: a “Commentator” to give an introduction before Mass, welcome attendees and invite them to stay after church for refreshments and socializing. The person would also make announcements, give the page number of the opening hymn and later in the service read the Prayers of the Faithful. He explained this position is common in many other churches.
· He showed a book that he feels every church member should have: The Catechism of the Catholic Church” available through Amazon.com.
· Father announced he would be starting a new adult education class: “Mass Revealed”. It will be given in 4 one hour sessions, on consecutive Wednesdays after the 9am Mass: Oct. 20, Oct 27, Nov. 3 & Nov. 10 (from approximately 9:30am to 10:30am). There are two books he would like attendees to read, which have been ordered and should be arriving this week: “What Happens at Mass” by Fr. Jeremy Driscoll and “U.S. Catholic Catechism for Adults” by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops. He hopes to invite members of other churches to attend the class through fliers and articles in the local papers.
· Father Patrick feels we are helping the poor in our outreach programs, but he wants to get more of these people to come to our church. A discussion followed about ways we could make them welcome. He said we could also make a special time to invite and welcome Catholics to St. John’s who have not been actively participating in church.

Next PAC meeting: Will be held on Thursday, Nov. 18th at 6pm at church.

Closing Prayer: was given by Father Patrick

The meeting was adjourned at 7:12 pm.

Sherry Johnson, Secretary

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