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St. John's Pastoral Adminstrative Committee Minutes for April 23, 2010

The meeting was held at 5:30pm at the church and was called to order by our new Chair, Glen Thurow.

Present were: Glen Thurow, Chair; Marvin Zuber, Vice Chair; Sherry Johnson, Secretary; Father Andrew Thomas, Pastor; Deacon Rick Williams, Ken & Stephanie Brewer, Phil & Mary Colozzi, Sharon Zuber, Carol Hart, Rolando Rodriguez, Rosie & Jim Hajek, Colleen Gryzwana, Helene & Dusty Harrington-Collins, Lisa Stanford and her mother, Llyla Allen, Priscilla Lang, DeEtte Miller and our pastor’s father: Bob Thomas

Minutes: The minutes of the February 23rd meeting were accepted as presented.

1. Religious Education & Youth Outreach: Rick had no report.
2. Budget & Finance: Ken said from July ’09 to April ’10 our church was $460 in the black.
3. Altar Society/Women’s Guild: Carol said the funds that are used to purchase coffee and other necessities for the church are getting low and we need more contributions to the coffee jar on Sundays during the social hour. Rolando said we can start cleaning the church vestments right away.
4. Publicity: Viv was not present but Sherry said our publicity was going well and both local newspapers were very good about publishing our press releases.
5. Liturgy: Rolando gave a list of the coming liturgies.
6. Maintenance: Marvin said he has recruited a new maintenance man for summer – Phil Colozzi.
7. Community Outreach: Sherry gave a report on the various Salvation Army vouchers we can write for the needy in town, but said we should only give out their generous food vouchers to those who are referred to us by other organizations or agencies in town that deal with families in emergency situations. She thanked Rosie for volunteering to take turns answering the church cell phone along with Helene and herself. Father explained to the group how he had decided to provide a needy man with lodging in Bandon, even though he had previously recommended that the church not do so. He said he did what he felt was right, under the situation.

Pastor’s Report:
Father explained that his stomach surgery has been postponed a week, until May 5th, but we will still follow the mass schedule this week, as was announced in the papers. He will be giving his last masses at our parish on the weekend of June 19th – 20th, before he leaves to take up his new appointment as pastor to a church in Albany. Carol said St. John’s wanted to have a farewell party for him and it was agreed to hold it on Saturday, June 19th at the home of Sharon & Marvin Zuber, which is located south of Port Orford, near the Dinosaur Park. He said he would hold mass there at 3:30pm and dinner could follow; There would be no services held on Sunday, the 19th at St Johns.

Other Business:
Community Garden: Rolando said the organizers of the new garden, that is being set up in Buffington Park, have asked to use the church for a meeting on Tuesday, May 5th at 5pm to alot the plots.

Next PAC meeting: Father suggested that we wait until the new priest comes in July to hold the next meeting. He will let us know when he will be arriving as soon as he is informed, so it can be scheduled.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:10 pm…..a new all time record!!!!

A wonderful potluck Mexican dinner, organized by Rosie Hajek, celebrating Cinco de Mayo, followed the meeting. During dinner, Rolando gave a brief history of Mexico.

Sherry Johnson, Secretary

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