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Holy Trinity's Pastoral Council Minutes for 2009

Aug. 09- Sept. 09
25 August 2009
The meeting was called to order by Chairperson, Jay Straley. Fr. Andrew opened with a prayer.
ROLL CALL: Pastoral Council members present were, Jay Straley, Kathy Phillips, Kathy Cowan, Mike Hennick, Allison Hundley, Fr. Andrew Thomas, Margaret Carver and alternate Kathleen Stadelman arrived late.
Parishioners present were Elaine Caldwell, Sharon Hennick, Francis Stadelman, Regina Wallace, and Lori Straley.
MINUTES FROM LAST MEETING: Time was given to review minutes. Several members did not get them emailed. Kathy P requests a hard copy be provided to her. Fr. T requested that they be printed and placed in an envelope for each member prior to the next meeting. Jay is agreeable to this. She also requests that approved minutes be posted in the Church Vestibule for all Parishioners to review. Margaret moved the minutes be approved. Kathy Cowan seconded the motion. The motion passed by unanimous vote.
Altar Society: Kathy Phillips reported that the first meeting will be 9/24/09 at 7pm. This will be a Membership Tea. They made $2419.43 with the Rummage Sale this summer.

Parish Family Life: Elaine Caldwell reported that everyone had a good time at the Parish Picnic. There were about 55 people attending. She had lots of help getting everything organized and set up. She thanked all the volunteers for their help. The only upcoming event is the registration night for Religious ED and she will be offering crafts and activities for the kids while their parents sign them up.

Maintenance: Francis Stadleman reported that the windows are done. Some painting is needed around them.
Bill Phillips and Jim Cowan helped with this.
There is a plan being worked on to do some remodeling in the Church.
He is working on designs to remove the walls to the Cry/store room next to the Altar. This would open everything up and allow for the music groups to be brought up front. It would also open the Altar up to people sitting on that side of the Church. This would also give two more rows of pews in the back where the musicians now stand. The issue will be brought up to the Admin Council for approval of the funds. Francis stated this will be fairly easy to do and should be accomplished by October or November. Entry to the bathrooms will be changed also. The doors will be turned around to the bathrooms are not visible to the Congregation. Fr. T stated that this is a “temporary fix”; his goal is to look at a master plan to completely remodel or rebuild. Kathy P. stated for the record that she “hopes we never consider moving the Church from this spot”. Fr. T stated he does not think that is a problem. A master plan is not a possibility right now due to the economy but in the near future it will be. The Council gave approval without a vote for this.

D.R.E.: / Wednesday Community Nights:
Sharon stated Vacation Bible School, the week of July 20th, was very successful. Working with other Churches went well.
The children donated money that was sent to Heifer International. Fr. T stated he already got a letter back thanking us the donation. Sharon thanked Kathleen S. and Kathleen A. for doing the music. Caroline McKemy from the First Presbyterian Church contacted her about getting one of the teen groups to come next summer to do a VBS. The kids and volunteers liked doing “Sunrock Kids Camp” better. She will let them know that we would rather do the Kid’s Camp again.

The fall schedule is completed but not available yet. This will be printed and distributed soon. Grades P-5 will continue on Wednesday nights. She is in need of volunteer teachers. Please let people know, they can contact her for more information. Grades 6-8 will have class on Sunday afternoons from 4:00-4:45 then high school group will join them for dinner at 5pm. 5:30-6:30 Grades 9-12 will meet afterwards for their class. There are no Confirmation candidates this year.

The Community Night dinners will resume 9/23 with Religious Education registration night. Classes will start the next week and end May 5th, 2010. Kathy P. stated that the Altar Society requests they not be assigned to host a dinner every month. Due to a limited number of members they are not willing/able to do this every month. Sharon stated that this would place an added burden on her because she will have to find more sponsors and cooks. Ft. T stated that if this is what the Altar Society wants to do, then it will be necessary for one dinner a month to be cancelled, but he doesn’t want to have to do this. Fr. T reminded them that he cooked once by himself, did not ask for help. If he could do this a group of 6-8 people like the Altar Society could do it. He suggested the Altar Society work on getting more members to help and slit up the work. Fr. T reminded everyone to work together on this. Fr. T and Sharon are agreeable to the Altar Society only doing every other month. Kathleen S. suggested more help from the sponsors and get those attending to help also. This would make it more of a “Community Dinner”. She suggested a sign-up or assignment sheet. Jay stated all that can be done is to ask for volunteers, the Parish can’t assign people to work. Jay stated that the individuals doing the cooking should be asking for the help too. Elaine suggested that at the time of the opening prayer, the attendees be asked to assist with clean up. Fr. T stated he will make a plea to the Parish to help also. Fr. T stated this will be OK since it doesn’t start till the end of September so they won’t have to do one that month, and November and December only have a limited number of Wednesday’s due to the holidays. Kathy P. is agreeable to this and will take the information to their next meeting. Sharon stated she already has two people interested in sponsoring dinners.

Youth: Mike reported they had a gathering at his cabin on Ten Mile Lake. They had six kids attend. The kids swam, jet skied and tubed. The kids were fed and Fr. T offered Mass at the cabin.
Sharon reminded everyone that Mike made sure there was a dinner for the kids every Sunday evening during youth group. Some parents helped and they will be helping again this year. Allison pointed out that Pat did not even know the kids were eating in there because the Hall was cleaned up so well. The first youth group meetings will be Sept. 20th, the weekend before the younger children begin classes. Fr. T offered to make the first dinner for the kids.

Spirituality Committee: Kathy Phillips stated there has been no meeting. Fr. T stated the Vicariate will be sponsoring a performance by Leonardo Defillpe on Wed, Dec. 9th in Coos Bay at the LTOB at 7pm. He will be performing “St. John Vianny. Fr. T will canceled religious ed. that night so people can go to Coos Bay after the dinner around 5 (he is working on the details). The Parish will pay for the Youth to attend. It is costing the Vicariate $2900 for him and $300 for the theater.
The details, of how the cost will be split up, are not completed yet. The show will take appx. 80mins. Tickets will be for sale later in the fall.

Cemetery Committee: Kathy Phillips stated all plots except one have headstones. They have received some inquiries from people outside the Parish.
Social Justice Committee/EAT: Allison Hundley reported things are better, they are getting wonderful fresh produce and there has been an increase in Volunteers. Allison mentioned the Kelly Straley has been helping to prepare food.

Liturgy and Music: Fr. T reported they are introducing new music. Kathy C stated the music was very good this past Sunday. The biggest thing will be when the Altar remodeling is done; it will just make it better. Mel and Tess Garrett have joined them for Saturday and/or Sunday Masses.
1. Rental Agreement: Fr. T suggested this be “tabled” till the next meeting.
2. Paper towels: Have been put up. The only ones not up are the ones for the kitchen and that will require a special drill, Mike is working on that. The parking lot signs have also been posted.
CHAIRPERSON’S REPORT: Jay had no report.
1. Financial report was provided in the bulletin. Offerings are up 12.6% from the previous year. The parish
finished in the black this year. Spending was up also.
2. He is looking into the Stoles for Rick; he is planning to be ordained Saturday Oct. 31st. Kathy P asked if the Altar Society should be buying these. Fr. T stated he was not going to ask them to do this because it should be done by the Parish. Lori reminded them that it was decided last year, according to the minutes, that the Parish would purchase these for him. He may ask the Altar Society to buy one white Dalmatic for Easter and Christmas. That weekend, there will be a Communion Service on Saturday night so Fr. T can go to the ordination. He will be back in time for the 1030 Mass here on Sunday morning, but he may not make it back in time for the 0830 Mass at St. Johns though. There may not be many from Port Orford attending Mass anyway because many of them will be going up for the Ordination too.
3. Advent Penance Service will be Wednesday night, Dec. 16th, at 6:30pm. Dinner will be held before at 5:45 and there will not be a Mass at 5pm. The Lenten Penance Service is March 10th.
4. He continues to struggle with health problems. He may be having major surgery soon.
5. Ray Silva has moved to Portland to be closer to his classes and for music opportunities. The Parish will not be paying for any more of his education.
6. Catherine Rowe has lost her job and moved to St. Helens also. This means there will be no music accompaniment for the Wednesday evening Masses.

Francis Stadelman asked why there is not a detailed transaction financial report. Fr. T stated that this is not necessary for the Pastoral Council. The Pastoral Council does not handle the Parish finances. They are an advisory board to the Pastor on matters of Parish operations. The Admin. Council handles the financial transactions for the Parish. Francis requested this information because he believes that the Parish should be informed so they can ask appropriate questions. Fr. T expressed concern that he is being questioned about every little thing, however, this information is available to anyone who asks for it. He is not trying to hide anything it is just not necessary to print it for everyone.

1. Kathy C. asked if there would be a class in the Youth room this year. Sharon stated no. Kathy C. recommended that the children be directed to the restrooms through there then. This will prevent problems from coming up with them cutting through the kitchen. Sharon is agreeable to that. A sign will be posted.

The next meeting is Sept. 29th at 6:30pm. Jay adjourned the meeting at 7:40pm and Fr. T offered a closing prayer.

Minutes submitted by L. Straley
Pastoral Council March 10, 2009
10 March 2009
The meeting was called to order by Chairperson, Jay Straley, at 6:45pm. Fr. Andrew opened with a prayer.
ROLL CALL: Parish Council members present were, Jay Straley, Kathy Phillips, Kathy Cowan, Mike Hennick, Allison Hundley, Margaret Carver, Fr. Andrew Thomas and alternate Kathleen Stadelman.
Parishioners present were Elaine Caldwell, Sharon Hennick, Francis Stadelman and Lori Straley.
MINUTES FROM LAST MEETING: Kathy Phillips pointed out that the $50.00 for flags at the cemetery was actually for only one large flag. Kathy Cowan moved the minutes be approved with this correction. Kathy Phillips seconded the motion. The motion passed by unanimous vote.
D.R.E.: Sharon stated there are four children preparing for First Communion and Reconciliation. They are Natalie Vincent, Jonah Augsburger, Alexander Shultz, and Tess Garrett.
Sharon reported that the First Presbyterian Church is remodeling this summer and they are not sure they want to hold the Vacation Bible School. Their organizing group for this is meeting tomorrow morning and they invited Sharon to attend. Sharon suggested our Parish hold Vacation Bible School since we have the space and most of the kids attending the past few years have been from our Parish. She already has volunteers for snacks and crafts. Fr. T, Pastor John Hubbard, Mike Hennick and others are interested in helping also. Sharon recommended the second or third week of July in order to avoid the Fourth of July holiday when lots of families tend to leave town. Then later in the month is the Coos County Fair and lots of families don’t come to VBS during that time. She thinks the basic theme could be interdenominational so all the Parishes in town would feel welcome. Kathy P asked if the Red Cross would be using the Hall at that time. Jay stated that the Red Cross is usually here the first week of each month. Fr. T stated that if he is going to participate it would need to be the week of July 20th. This would not interfere with Red Cross and may be convenient for everyone, but Sharon would check on schedule conflicts. The VBS would be for Pre-School to grade 6, with older kids helping. Sharon described what had been done at previous VBS programs and she thinks this can be done without having to buy an expensive package. It works well to assign the kids to groups where they are lead by a teen or adult and go from station to station doing different activities. The kids don’t get bored because they aren’t in one place long enough.
Mike Hennick moved that our Parish organize the VBS program for the week of July 20th, Kathy C. seconded and the motion passed unanimously.
Sharon also reported that religious ed continues to go well.

Wednesday Community Nights: Sharon Hennick reported that the dinners for March and May are all planned; April is in the planning stages. Carol and Robert McKemy want to do swiss steak and gravy, on April 15, but need help with the rest of the meal. Kathy C. and Kathleen S. volunteered to help with that. Mike H is going to BBQ on April 1st for the Penance Service; there is no religious ed that night.
Sharon reported that next year the Valentine’s Day dinner will be handled differently. There are problems with people getting pictures with the cake and also providing cake to the children before going to class. She is going to work on this.
Elaine asked about First Communion and if there would be a reception following. Sharon advised Elaine to talk to the Altar Society because they will be doing the First Sunday coffee hour that day also.

Financial: Fr. T reported that there is a balance of $46000.00 in the account. The Parish is$15000-$16000.00 in the black which is better than most parishes in the Diocese. He informed the council that he would give a verbal report at the meetings and provide a printed report in August.
Altar Society: Kathy Phillips reported the rummage sale has been planned for June 19 and 20th. Nancy Calvert will be coming back to help with this. People can begin bringing donations for this on June 1st. The next meeting is March 19th at 7pm.
Parish Family Life: Elaine Caldwell reported that she is working on costumes for the Living Stations. She is planning the St. Joseph’s day dinner. She asked if it was still ok to go to the local stores and purchase candy for the Parish Easter Egg hunt. Jay told her just to put it on the Parish account. Elaine asked for helpers during this event so the kids can be supervised.
Maintenance: Francis Stadleman reported that he is working on putting in double glass doors between the Vestibule and the Church. This will allow for more privacy during confessions in the Vestibule and reduce noise in the Church at the beginning of Mass. Fr. T also said it will give a comfortable place for families when small children are noisy. This will be done in about 4-6 weeks. Francis is also working on repairing some of the kneelers. Kathy P pointed out that there are some florescent lights in the kitchen and the AA room that are going out. Francis is also going to replace the damaged windows in the hall; this will cost as much as repairing them and will be easier.
Spirituality Committee: Kathy Phillips reported that Deacon Bill will be here April 4th, 10-1:30, with lunch served at 11:30. He will meet with the Confirmation class following. There will be a Healing Mass on May 13th.
Cemetery Committee: Kathy Phillips reported they are updating the policies. They are planning a clean-up on May 16th at 10. Everyone is encouraged to bring yard tools. The 2 unmarked graves are taken care of.
EAT program: Allison Hundley reported that the program is back at the Barn. They served 58 people tonight. There are more people out of work and in need of help.
Social Justice Committee: Alison Hundley had nothing to report.
Youth: Mike reported that the youth group is going well. The Jr. High is watching the Passion of Christ. The High School group went to North Bend to hear Bay Forest speech. He is a graduate of BHS and former player in the NBA. We had the largest group in attendance. The kids had a great time. There will be no youth group during spring break.
Liturgy and Music: Fr. T reported that they have planned up to Easter Sunday. They are considering a new booklet for all the extra music to put in the pews. Kathleen S. also suggested using a computer or projector so the parish can see the words.
1. Rental Agreement: Jay has updated this. He passes out copies for comment and correction. Some clarification between deposits for regular use and those wanting to serve or sell alcohol is needed. There is a difference in cost when alcohol is sold due to insurance costs. It is $105.00 to serve alcohol but $205.00 when it is sold. Jay and Kathy C. will work on this clarification.
2. Locks: Mike Hennick,Jr has fixed them all.
3. Paper towels: Jay reported that the dispensers are here. He and Mike will plan a time to install them.

1. Jay pointed out that at the last meeting it was discuss the keep the current Pastoral Council members for one more year but no vote was taken. He called for a motion and vote. Allison made the motion, Margaret seconded, and motion passes unanimously.
2. There is a Vicariate meeting at Holy Redeemer on May 2nd at 1030. And, a Pastoral Ministry class on April 29th in Wilsonville.
3. There are some websites for youth to increase respect for life. They are “Stand Up Girl, and “Priest for Life”. There is another website to encourage family involvement called “FIRE” Family Intergenerational Religious Education.

1. Fr. T would like Jay and Mike to attend the Vicariate meeting on May 2nd at Holy Redeemer at 10:30am.
2. Parents and kids are coming back to the Parish. His emphasis is Pope John Paul’s message of “Open Wide the Doors to Christ”. He encourages continued prayer for this. Kathleen mentioned that attendance is up.
3. Please reset the thermostat when you are the last person in the Hall. The heat has been left on and the electricity and money wasted.
4. The copier is here; let him know if you need a code for use. He reminds everyone not to shut it off; it will go on auto-stand-by.
5. Parish clean-up will be May 2nd at 0930. He would like to have the youth help with this. Elaine volunteered to cook for the work crew. Fr. T would like all the shrubs cleaned up and many removed. Kathleen suggested a professional gardener or landscaper be called as a consultant. She knows some people who would be willing to do this. Fr. T said he would take it under consideration.
6. The servers during Holy week he will be the Confirmation kids. He clarified that all other roles have been assigned. Older Altar servers are assigned with the younger ones to train them.
7. Fr. T announced there is summer conference at the U of Portland, Allison will post this.
8. He received an advertisement for the Pacific Community Church Rummage Sale and wants to know if this should be posted. Allison volunteered to post this also.
9. The Cemetery Bylaws are being revised and will be presented to the Administrative Council and Kathy P will present it to the Pastoral Council in May.
10. The Red Cross has been informed that the Barn will charge for its use. He read a letter from them requesting to continue using the Church because they cannot afford the fee for using the Barn. Fr. T asked that the Parish continue to allow them to use the Hall at no cost. Margaret made the motion for this, Mike seconded it and the motion passes unanimously.
11. He got larger trash container for the Parish.
12. He is looking into one-way signs because people are using the exits incorrectly and Fr. T has received some complaints. Mike suggested an announcement at Church may help too.
1. Mike Hennick suggested the Parish buy one of the lighter weight tables for the Hall to try it out. The existing tables are old and terribly heavy. The old ones are also going to tear up the new carpet. The new ones would be in the range of $100.00 each. Jay agreed to look into this because the hospital has some and they are very nice. The old tables could be sold to help cover the cost of the new ones.

The next meeting is May 12 at 6:30 that will be the last meeting for the year. Fr. T suggested a dinner in June to close out the year. Jay adjourned the meeting and Fr. T offered a closing prayer.

Minutes submitted by L. Straley
Pastoral Council January 20, 2009
20 January 2009
The meeting was called to order by Chairperson, Jay Straley, at 6:33pm. Fr. Andrew opened with a prayer.
ROLL CALL: Parish Council members present were, Fr. T, Jay Straley, Kathy Phillips, Kathy Cowan, Margaret Carver, Mike Hennick, Allison Hundley, and alternate Kathleen Stadelman.
Parishioners present were Elaine Caldwell, Dee Holdsclaw, Regina Wallace, Francis Stadelman, and Lori Straley.
MINUTES FROM LAST MEETING: Margaret Carver moved the minutes be approved as written, Mike Hennick seconded the motion. The motion passed by unanimous vote.
D.R.E.: Sharon was absent; Fr. T. reported that teachers are needed. The program has lost some teachers recently. They are also looking for people to volunteer to be substitute teachers. Fr. T also reported that he has set the schedule for the “Call to Protect” instruction to the children. He will do one class a week till all training is completed starting on January 28th with grades K,1, and 2. Those children not participating will receive a letter about this. Adults working with the children will have their training updated later.
Fr. T will be giving a Baptism class this Wednesday; there are several First Communion candidates who still need to be baptized.
There is now a box outside the office in the Hall for communication and packages to be left for Sharon.

Wednesday Community Nights: Sharon Hennick came late. She stated that all the dinners were scheduled and sponsors found through February. Everything is going well
Financial: Fr. T reported that Lawrence would no longer be handling the financials. He is learning to work the program with help from Robert Merriam. The Parish is in good financial shape with $49,649.69 in the bank. (See attached financial statement). Kathy P moved that the report be approved, Mike Hennick seconded the motion. The motion passed by unanimous vote.
Altar Society: Kathy Phillips reported that the Epiphany Party was good but not many attended. The new (used) refrigerator is in the Hall courtesy of Francis Stadelman. They put on a funeral dinner last Saturday. The date of the Rummage sale is not set yet. Their next meeting is February 19th at 7pm.
Parish Family Life: Elaine Caldwell reported that there appx 129-130 tickets on the “Tree of Giving”. 19 did not get pulled, she provided toys to all the children on the tickets and the adults received food coupons. The left over food coupons went to Allison to be distributed at the EAT dinners as needed. Fr. T asked for some of these coupons so he can give them out when the needy comes to his door. Allison will get him some. Teri Straley, and Kathleen Stadelman came to Pony Village Mall just before Christmas to help distribute toys for the “Toys for Tots” program. She also reported that next Wednesday night dinner will be a Chinese New Year meal.
Maintenance: Francis Stadleman stated that he almost has all the sprinklers turned off. Fr. T reported that there have been some big puddles and icy areas in the walk-ways and parking lot. Some salt has been placed outside the Hall to be used as needed.
Francis also reported that not all the windows have been repaired yet, and he is looking into painting the ceiling in the Chapel due to soot buildup from the candles.

Spirituality Committee: Kathy Phillips reported that a speaker, Linda Schubert, would here this weekend. Her talk is two parts and she will speak Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon after the Masses. A light meal will be served at both sessions. Deacon Bill Brennen will be here to speak in April.

Cemetery Committee: Kathy Phillips stated that the committee is currently revising the burial policies. The Mapping is complete. There is only one unmarked grave site. Fr. T recommended that the committee look into cost of a marker for this site and the Parish will pay for it. Kathy will look into this. Kathy also reported that a bill from the VFW will be coming soon, for $50.00, for flags at the graves of Veterans. Kathy stated the committee has a balance of $9700.00 at this time. Fr.T stated this committee is part of the Parish and all monies are put together. He recommended that she keep track of this but it will continue to be counted with all other Parish finances.
EAT program: Allison Hundley reported that numbers are increasing due to poor economy. It is estimated that the Barn won’t be completed till later than estimated, possibly in February. They will continue to use the Presbyterian Church. Fr. T asked how much longer the Red Cross will have to use the Parish Hall. Allison stated it will only be till the Barn is completed.
Social Justice Committee: Alison Hundley did not have anything to report.
Youth: Mike reported that the youth group continues to go well. The Jackets are in. The kids wore them on the recent ski trip. They attended Mass all together at St. Mary’s in Eugene and look real good. Some of the kids brought up the gifts. The Jr. High will do a one day ski trip on the 31st. He will be meeting the youth after Mass this Sunday for Confirmation and have asked them to all wear their jackets and attend Mass. They will thank the Parish for the jackets and ski trip.
Liturgy and Music: Fr. T reported Christmas was beautiful. They are currently planning for Lent and Easter.
1. Rental Agreement: Jay reported that a Rental Agreement form is pending. Francis asked that the agreement include disposal of their own garbage. Failure to do this result in forfeiture of their deposit. Jay will work on this. There was some discussion regarding the new laws about smoking near public buildings, within 10 feet. Stickers have been placed on the doors. The AA groups will be reminded.
2. Locks: Fr. T reported that Mike Hennick Jr has been trying to get compatible locks and keys for the campus based on the locks installed by the locksmith who left town. He has found that non-standard locks were used and these are very difficult to match. Mike Jr. will continue to work on this.
3. Paper towels: Jay has sent the contract information in and we are awaiting installation.
4. Copier: Fr. T reported that old one died. He has secured a lease for a new Xerox. This will be more economical and allow for larger print copying. There will also be access codes assigned so that usage can be tracked. Anyone needing access needs to let Fr. T know so they can be given a code. The copier will cost $110.00/month with an option to buy after 60 months. This will include all maintenance and ink cartridges. Color copies will cost about 9 cents/copy and black-white copies less than a cent. It will be delivered next Wednesday. The old copier will be repaired and given to St. John’s.

CHAIRPERSON’S REPORT: Jay did not have anything to report.
PASTOR’S REPORT: Fr. T reports that the schedule for Lenten Services will be as follows
Ash Wednesday 9am at Port Orford, 5:30pm in Bandon - No dinner or classes that night.
Holy Thursday at 7pm
Good Friday at 7pm, candlelight service
Saturday will be at 8:30pm and there will be a service out in the parking lot with a fire
Easter Sunday will be at 10:30am with an Easter egg hunt at the Hall afterwards

During Lent the Stations of the Cross will be held on Fridays and led by:
February 27th-The Parish Council
March 6th-The Youth Group-Teens
March 13-the Right to Life
March 20-The Altar Society with the St. Joseph’s dinner prior
March 27th- Fr. T
April 3rd-Living Stations performed by the Children
1. The Catholic Bishops postcard campaign opposing the newest Federal bill about abortion is being organized.
Jay volunteered to assist Fr. T with this. The will be distributed next weekend. There was a great deal of discussion regarding the effectiveness of this campaign, but Fr. T stated he is obligated to follow the directive from the Archdiocese.
2. Fr. T reported that Roxanne Williams is no longer scheduling the Altar Servers. Till a volunteer is found, he will do it himself. Regina stated that Clare Bennett used to do it, maybe he will again. Fr. T stated he will look into this.
3. Margaret asked about training of Eucharistic Ministers. Fr. T told her to go ahead and train any individuals interested till he can organize a session himself.
4. Kathy P stated that Parish Council elections should take place in May. Fr.T asked that Kathy P. and Kathy C. stay one more year since he and the Council are just getting used to each other and working well together. They agreed to this.
The next meeting will be Tuesday, March 10th at 6:30pm, with a Finance Committee meeting at 6pm. Fr. T closed with prayer. The Meeting was adjourned at 8:05pm. Minutes submitted by L. Straley


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