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Holy Trinity's Pastoral Council Minutes for 2008

Pastoral Council December 9, 2008
December 9, 2008
The meeting was called to order by Chairperson, Jay Straley, at 6:42pm. Fr. Andrew opened with a prayer.

ROLL CALL: Parish Council members present were; Jay Straley, Kathy Phillips, Kathy Cowan, Mike Hennick, Allison Hundley, Margaret Carver, Fr. Andrew Thomas and alternate Kathleen Stadelman.
Parishioners present were; Lawrence Williams, Elaine Caldwell, Gary Wickham, Cheryl Wickham, Francis Stadelman, and Lori Straley.

MINUTES FROM LAST MEETING: Mike Hennick moved the minutes be approved as written. Kathy Cowan seconded the motion. The motion passed by unanimous vote.

D.R.E.: Sharon was absent, Fr. T reported for her. The classes are going well. She is requesting volunteers to be on-call to substitute teach on Wednesday nights. These people would be required to complete forms for background checks and complete to diocesan “call to protect” agenda.
Wednesday Community Nights: Fr. T reported that the dinners being scheduled for after the first of the year. The Altar Society is hosting this Wednesday and serving Macaroni and cheese, soup and salads prior to the Penance Service.
Financial: Lawrence Williams reported that, as of the end of November, all bills were paid. See attached financial report. The only unusual expense was the cost of paint, and windows. Margaret Carver moved that the financial report be accepted as written. Mike seconded the motion. The motion passed by unanimous vote.
Altar Society: Kathy Phillips reported that Geri Procetto is now the President. Epiphany party for the adults of the Parish is planned for January 4th at 5pm. Everyone is invited to bring finger-foods or desserts, along with a new gift of about $7.00 and no coffee cups. Their next meeting is January 15th at 7pm. Coffee Hour continues on the first Sunday of each month, the next one will be January 4th. They also donated money to the Tree of Giving, and renewed sponsorship of a child in Honduras.
Parish Family Life: Elaine Caldwell reported that there is a great need for donations to the Tree of Giving and Toys for Tots. More applications for these have been submitted than in the past. There have been 98 applications with a total of over 200 children in need of gifts in Bandon alone. Coos Bay had over 300 applications with over 800 children in need. The toys will be distributed on December 20-22 at Pony Village Mall. Drop boxes will be out till the 18th. The Youth Group kids are encouraged to help distribute toys at the Mall. Fr. T stated he will announce at Masses that there is still a great need for toys and if they can’t get them to a drop box, they can be left on his porch and he will get them to Elaine. Food baskets are available also. Fr. T asks that some food baskets be left with him so he can give them to those in need coming to his door. Elaine asks that she and Fr. T communicate about who has received these so that people don’t get one from each of them.
Maintenance: Francis Stadleman reported that windows on the classroom doors have been done. There has been a “wish list” provided by Altar Society. Number one on the list is another refrigerator for the Hall. They want a combination Refrigerator/freezer. Also on the list is to paint the chapel ceiling and clean off the crayon on the classroom walls.
Spirituality Committee: Kathy Phillips reported that they met today and the next event is a seminar given by Linda Schubert on January 24 and 25. She will speak after Saturday evening Mass and after Sunday Mass. Those attending are encouraged to go to both because the speech is given in two parts. The title of her speech is “
The Miracle Hour”. They will serve a light meal at each session. Kathy C. is working on posters and there will be information provided in the bulletin. Deacon Bill Brennin is coming in April.
Cemetery Committee: Kathy Phillips reported there will be burial on this Thursday. She is not a member of the Parish but she and her husband purchased plots last year. She reports some headstones have been put in for those whose markers have been missing. There is still one that is not marked. Fr. T asked for the contact information for that family and he will try to get a hold of them about this. Kathy suggested they discuss this at their next committee meeting after the first of the year.
EAT program: Allison Hundley reported that there have been more needy families attending. There is also a greater need for food bags from Good Neighbors. Fr.T requested that he be provided with two bags ready to go for anyone stopping by his house asking for help. He will keep it at the Hall. There was a coat drive recently and they have given away several coats to the needy.
Social Justice Committee: Alison Hundley reported she received a printed list of emergency services and phone numbers for Coos and Curry County. She passed these out.
Youth: Mike reported that the youth group is doing well. The same group of kids is attending regularly. It is difficult to schedule activities because they have some many other activities including games and practices scheduled on Saturday and Sundays. A couple kids got out of school on Monday for Mass. The kids want to come to youth group and Mass but they are afraid to miss practices because then they won’t get to play. Kathleen Stadelman stated she would be willing to take kids up to the mall to help distribute toys. Mike will let the kids know and they can contact Kathleen about this.
Liturgy and Music: Fr. T reported that they are getting ready for Christmas. He will be singing the Mass parts during the Christmas season. Flowers have been ordered. The Christmas schedule is: 24th at 4:30 Children’s Mass, 10 “midnight Mass”, the 25th at 10:30am, New Years eve at 4:30 and Jan. 1 at 10:30am.

St. Johns: Gary Wickham reported that members of their Social Justice Committee have been bell ringing for several days. Proceeds will equal last year. Christmas Caroling was Saturday and that went well. They are giving out lots of food to the needy. Fr. T reports that their Penance Service is Thursday with Adoration and a healing Mass followed by the Parish Council meeting.

Hall Rental: Jay passed out revised copies. He asks that they review it so it can be discussed at the January meeting.
Locks: Fr. T went to the “Key Shop”, the business was closed. Consequently he will have to find someone else. Jay is going to look into whomever the hospital uses. The Parish is not out any money, the former locksmith did not submit a bill before leaving town.
Paper towels: Fr. T stated that some of the information for the contract is not readily available. Jay will check with his contact about this and get back to him.

CHAIRPERSON’S REPORT Jay stated he did not have anything to report.

PASTOR’S REPORT: Fr. T asked where the Parish calendars come from because he has not seen any yet. Margaret stated she would call the local funeral home about this. They usually provide them every year.
An Advent guide has been received. It came late; he asks that everyone spread the word that it is available. We will be getting similar ones for Lent and Easter.
The “Call to Protect” programs need to get started at the first of the year. All Volunteers need to be updated and all the classes will need to be done. He will schedule to do the classes right after Christmas.
He is looking at a new copy machine the first of the year. He is still trying to decide whether to lease or buy. He wants one that will have ID codes so only authorized people can use it and the parish can keep track of the number of copies being made. The new will also give them the option of making an 11x17 bulletin. The old one will be donated to St. Johns.
The Archdiocese Catholic appeal will be in February. He will need help with that getting it distributed.
The Parish Christmas letter will include the Mass times; it will be mailed next week. Kathy Cowan suggested submitting it to the paper so the whole community can be invited to Mass. This may bring back some “fallen away” Catholics. Fr. T agreed.
New Years Eve Masses will be at 4pm on the 31st and at St. Johns New Years day at 9am.
Fr. T has gotten the reader board and it will be posted right away.
There about 12 candidates for Confirmation. Classes continue.

Margaret thanked Lawrence Williams for disposing of the old Mislettes and music books for her.
Francis reported that there was a funeral 2 weeks ago, at the same time that AA was taking place. The parking lot was full. Funerals and other events during the day should be scheduled around these regular meetings. Allison will get an AA schedule and give it to Fr. T and Francis.

The next meeting will be Tuesday, January 20th at 6:30pm, then Tuesday March 3rd. There will not be a meeting in February. Jay adjourned the meeting at 7:40pm. Fr. T closed with prayer.

Minutes submitted by L. Straley
Pastoral Council September 30, 2008


30 September, 2008

The meeting was called to order by Chairperson, Jay Straley, at 6:37pm. Fr. Andrew opened with a prayer.

ROLL CALL: Parish Council members present were, Jay Straley, Kathy Phillips, and Kathy Cowan, Margaret Carver, Mike Hennick, Allison Hundley, Fr. Andrew Thomas and alternate Kathleen Stadleman.

Parishioners present were Nanci Calvert, Lawrence Williams, Elaine Caldwell, Dee Holdsclaw, Pete Paradies, and Lori Straley.

MINUTES FROM LAST MEETING: Margaret Carver moved the minutes be approved as written, Mike Hennick seconded the motion. The motion passed by unanimous vote.


1. Repairs and painting of campus: Jay stated the campus looks great. The volunteers were thanked. Fr. T stated a notation of thanks was placed in the bulletin.

2. Locks: Fr. T reported that all locks were re-keyed yesterday, 9/29. The only left to be installed is the dead bolts. This would be done within the week. Fr. T is currently issuing keys to persons needing them.

3. Parking Lot: The work in the parking lot is done.

4. Paper towels: Jay has obtained an application for installation of the automatic dispensers. Fr. T. reported that not all the paper towels currently being used have been donated free of charge. The parish is still buying some of them. Fr. T explained that this will not only save the parish money in the long run, but is also more environmentally friendly by cutting down on waste. Kathy P. requested that dispensers be installed low enough so children and handicapped can reach them. Regular paper towels will still be available for use in the kitchen. Pete suggested that other paper towel companies be contacted for a bid. Jay reported that the contract under consideration is the same one the hospital uses so the church would not have to pay extra for installation and delivery, it would be done at the same time they come to restock the hospital. The church is getting the same price as the hospital buying group which is a big savings for a small business like the Parish.


1. Jay reported that he has checked the 2006 constitution regarding the voting rights of the Council Alternate. The Alternate may vote in the case of the resignation or the absence of a Council member when that Council member has not designated his vote in writing to the Council Chairperson or Fr. T. Kathy P. brought up the issue of a Quorum and does that missing members vote constitute a quorum. It was found that the bylaws are outdated regarding actual numbers of members and what constitutes a quorum. The meeting date and time will need to be changed also. A committee of Jay and Kathy C. was formed to evaluate the constitution and submit suggestions for changes at the next Council

2. Jay confirmed that the St. John’s representative will be coming quarterly and will be here for the December meeting. If an issue requires their vote, they can submit it to Fr. T.

3. Jay asked about the Spirituality Committee sponsored performance by Leonardo DeFilipi on Oct.19th. Volunteers are needed to help with the set-up and clean-up. Kathleen Stadleman stated that Stephanie Arriola is not able to cook for this. Kathleen suggested having foods like fruit, cheese and homemade pastries. The reception will be after 10:30 mass and the show is at 6pm. Kathleen will also take care cooking a meal for Mr. DeFilipi prior to the show too.


Financial: Lawrence Williams reported that as of August 31 the Parish is in very good financial shape. Total liabilities are $1,935.89. Fr. T stated that other Parishes are not doing very well. This is despite the deficit of $1000.00 in July. So the weekly collections have been generous. Lawrence reported that there are still hundreds of copies being made with the copier that is not accounted for. In August there were 678 copies unaccounted for and 1574 copies unaccounted for in September. He pointed out that this demonstrates the importance of pass codes for use of the copier. That way we will be able to see exactly who is making copies and how many. The record sheet by the copier is not being used by everyone. See attached financial report. Fr. T emphasized the importance of informing the teachers and anyone using the copier to be sure to log in how many copies they make.

D.R.E.: Sharon was absent; Fr. T. reported that classes are going very well. There are some new young families attending. Fr. T is working on some Baptisms; they are planned for November with classes for the families the week before.

Wednesday Community Nights: Sharon Hennick was absent. Fr. T reported that all the dinners and sponsors are planned for October.

Parish Family Life: Elaine Caldwell reported that the Halloween party is the 26th of October at 5pm. She places a notice in the bulletin about what foods are needed. She is also working on getting some of the teens to help with this. Mike H. and Fr. T stated that the Teens would be there; this is considered part of their community service for Confirmation.

Elaine also reported that the Toys-For-Tots boxes will be arriving the end of November. She would like permission to put one in the Vestibule of the Church again this year. The Tree-Of-Giving will go up right after Thanksgiving. Applications will be available next month. Kathy P. moved that the Toys-For-Tots box be place in the Church, Allison seconded the motion. The motion passes by unanimous vote. Elaine also asked for help, from the Youth, to man the booth at Pony Village Mall to hand out toys.

Maintenance: Francis Stadleman was not present. Kathy P. requested that future planning for building remodeling and improvements be done. Jay stated the Maintenance committee would be addressing those issues with the help of Fr. T and the Finance Committee. Kathy P. proposed a monthly second collection for capitol improvements. Fr. T stated this would be possible but he has to evaluate the second collections currently taking place so the congregation isn’t overloaded with these. He also stated that in order to do a long-term capitol building project he would want approval from the Archbishop that he will be here for 10 years in order to see the projects completed.

Altar Society: Nancy Calvert reported the Altar Society had their annual membership meeting. She presented the Altar Society wish list. This wish list includes: Paint the Chapel, paint classrooms, and the part of the church painted last spring, purchase of a second refrigerator for the kitchen, new banners and some other smaller projects. Nanci pointed out that the wish list last year worked very well and almost all projects were completed. A copy of this wish list was provided to Jay. Kathleen Stadleman would like to donate a small swing set for the yard. If it meets with insurance requirements she would like to give it to the Parish.

Cemetery Committee: Kathy Phillips stated that the mapping of the west side was completed by Bill Phillips. After completing this is looks like there are a couple plots which might be used for caskets but the rest of the area will only be for cremation containers. Mapping of the other side will begin soon. Kathy P. also reported that a price list from West Coast Monument and Sign Co. in Myrtle Pointe has been received. A 12x12 grave marker would cost $185.00 and a 12x24 marker would be $370.00. Cemetery cleanup took place with 12 people volunteering to help. She thanked Dewayne and Ben Lindsey did the entire weed eating the night before.

EAT program: Allison Hundley reported that numbers are down and they also need more volunteers. Kathy C. pointed out that all the kids are involved with sports and other school activities now that school has started. She also reported that in November there would be a “non-profit fair” where each group will present what they do for the community and give people an opportunity to sign up to help.

Social Justice Committee: Alison Hundley reported that people were very generous with the school supply drive. She is going to the Portland Downtown Chapel Oct. 24th; she is accepting donations for this. Allison also reported she attended the Arch Diocese Social Justice meeting, and she brought a brochure about this. Only 4 people attended this meeting, covering issues such as the increasing poverty and needed help for the homeless.

Youth: Mike reported that the youth group is going well. He has a faithful group of kids, and even kids who are not members of our Church. Having the High School group Sunday works well. The Middle school kids are having trouble getting there on Wednesdays because of the school activities.

Liturgy and Music: Fr. T reported that he and Kathleen have finished planning the music the Masses in October. Blessing of the Animals will take place in the parking lot at 4:30 on Oct. 4th in celebration of the Feast of St. Francis. All Saints Day mass will be Saturday the 1st at 10:30. This is not a Holy Day of Obligation and does not fulfill the Sunday obligation. Margaret asked if the tradition of putting names on sheets of paper and keeping them on the Altar all month will continue. Fr. T stated he preferred that the named be put in the book and has the book brought to the Altar during presentation of the gifts.

PASTOR’S REPORT: Fr. T reports:

1. He is considering changing the Saturday evening Mass from 6pm to 4pm, 4:30pm or 5pm. He is planning to bring this up, in the form of a survey, to the congregation after the first of the year.

2. An Archdiocese representative is coming down to do the update of “Call to Protect” for the Vicariate October 3rd and 4th. Allison volunteered to come make coffee and some kind of food both days.

3. He reported that he will be gone the week of the 6th for the Convocation of Priests, and will be back late Saturday night. He will be gone again the end of the month for more meetings. Then he will be attending the Candidacy ceremony for Rick Williams who is making his final preparations for the Deaconate for our Parish. Fr. T also proposes that the Parish purchase a set of Deaconate Stoles for him next year when he finishes. These will cost about $800.00 for four stoles.

4. Confirmation is going great; we have approximately 14 kids enrolled. He has asked the Archbishop to come down to do a retreat for the class and do the Confirmation here at Holy Trinity.


1. Advent Candles: Fr. T. asked who is responsible for putting together the Advent Wreath. Margaret stated that Patti Frasier usually does this. She purchases the candles too, however she usually has to buy regular tapers that burn up before the end of Advent so we end up having to buy a second set. Margaret volunteered to work with Patti on this and make sure bigger candles are used so they don’t have to be replaced in the middle of advent. He will not be here the first Sunday of Advent; Fr. T will email Fr. Juniper and let him know he will need to bless the Advent Wreath on Sunday.

2. Christmas: Fr. T wants 2 trees on the Altar. Margaret stated that the Parish tradition is to ask for donations in memory of loved ones for Poinsettias. Fr. T is agreeable to this. The youth will be decorating the Church on Dec. 22nd at 10am. The end of October Fr. T will be starting to put up Christmas lights. He has some volunteers arranged to help with this.

3. Musical Bell Towers: A donation for this has been offered. Fr.T is currently looking into what exactly he wants. The bells will be programmed to ring at a certain time. He will be making sure this is alright with the city because it will be heard as far as Old Town.

4. Altar Society Breakfasts: Jay proposed the idea that families sign up for providing a Coffee hour after mass on Sunday’s every week. Fr. T stated that the same people are doing everything and Altar Society has trouble getting volunteers for anything. To try to do this weekly would be burdensome. During the meeting he attended when volunteers requested, no one raised their hands. Nanci stated that if the congregation is growing, this may be possible in the future.

The next meeting will be Tuesday, October 28th at 6:30pm. There is no meeting in November. The December meeting will be on the 9th at 6:30pm. Jay adjourned the meeting at 8:02pm. Fr. T closed with prayer.

Minutes submitted by L. Straley
Pastoral Council Minutes August 28, 2008


28 August, 2008

The meeting was called to order by Chairperson, Jay Straley, at 7:03pm. Fr. Andrew opened with a prayer.

ROLL CALL: Parish Council members present were, Jay Straley, Kathy Phillips, and Kathy Cowan, Margaret Carver, Mike Hennick, Allison Hundley and Dusty Harrington-Collins of St. Johns.

Parishioners present were Sharon Hennick, Nanci Calvert, Francis Stadleman, Geri Procetto, Lori Straley, Regina Wallace, Monica Barnicoff, Sophia McGrath and Helene Harrington-Collins.

MINUTES FROM LAST MEETING: Corrections were noted: the correct spelling of Ray Silvia’s name. Mike Hennick moved the minutes be approved with the corrections, Kathy Cowan seconded and motion passed by unanimous vote.


1. Ray’s Tuition Assistance: Jay reported that this proposal is for a Masters Degree in Pastoral Ministry. Allison reported that Ray was informed that the Parish would be sent a bill for the tuition assistance funding.

2. Finance Council: Fr. T reported that has formed the committee. It will consist of Ty Vincent, Jay Straley, and Mike Hennick. Lawrence Williams will continue to report financial status. Fr. T contacted the Archdiocese for advice in forming this committee and establishing its function. They will advise him on Parish finances and budgetary concerns.

3. Confirmation: Fr T reported that he will be accepting applications from teens in grades 9, 10, and 11. Because there was no Confirmation last yea, there are 9 kids eligible including an 11th grader. He will also consider 12th graders if necessary. He and Mike believe there are nine kids that they know of, who are eligible. Fr. T will teach the class and will most likely do it on Sunday evenings, once a month. He will be encouraging all the sponsors to be present for the classes too. Fr. T has offered to cook the class dinner on those nights.

Fr. T is also stated he is working on updating the Parish policies for the Sacraments of Baptism and Marriage.

4. Maintenance Committee: Jay asked Francis Stadleman who is on this committee. Francis stated “anyone who wants to work”. He also reported that it is usually just him and Ty Vincent, however when there is work to do they seek out volunteers to make up a work crew. Jay asked for an established committee membership so there is accountability for the work and reporting to the Pastoral Council. Jay nominated Francis as chairman of this committee, and Fr. T made the appointment.

Francis is currently putting together a group to prep the “Campus” for repainting. He wants to get this done soon, before the bad winds and rain start. He State the painting itself can be done in a couple days and he could do it himself with a paint sprayer. Francis will work on signing people up to help with prepping the buildings and cutting back the bushes. Fr. T said he would help too. An announcement will be placed in the bulletin.

Fr T. Suggested painting the buildings a different color. Mike Hennick and Francis both stated that changing the color my take longer because a primer coat may needed. They also recommended painting an area of the buildings with test colors and allow the Parishioners to give their input. Fr. T said he would do this.

Fr. T also asked when the parking lot painting would be finished. Because of the recent rains, they have not been able to finish. Francis stated that they were very busy and tries to work us into their schedule again soon.

5. Locks: Fr. T reported the church locks are very bad and it appears the church can be opened by almost any key. He has had all the locks changed in the house but still need to have the two buildings done. Fr. T has gotten a bid for new locks and to rekey others for $552.00. This would put the Church, hall, and office on there own locks. The Chapel interior door and AA room will be on the same lock; however the AA key will not work in the Chapel door. There will be master key for all locks so that Fr. T does not have to carry around a bunch of keys. It will also be the only key to open the locked closet and the finance room. The Church will have bolt locks with latched on the inside due to fire code. Fr. T advised that anyone who currently has a key and still needs one, need to let him know he can issue one and keep a log of everyone holding keys. Pete Paradies will be keeping the log for this.

Kathy Cowan moved that the locks be changed and/or rekeyed, Allison seconded, motion passed by unanimous vote.

CHAIRPERSON’S REPORT: Jay reported that the tree root pushing up the asphalt in the parking lot near the house cannot be cut out. Cutting the root could kill the tree and cause it to fall, possibly on the house.

Jay asked that “Thank You’s” to Parishioner’s doing outstanding things should be put in the bulletin so the entire Parish will know about it instead of just reporting it at the Pastoral Council meetings.

It is requested that any person or group, planning to spend over $100.00 on a project, submit a request to the Finance Council or Fr. T. Any large expenditure should be submitted with 2-3 bids. This will allow for better tracking of finances and creation of a budget. Margaret asked about expenditures for usual things like sanctuary lights. Fr.T stated those are regular operating costs and there was no need to get approval for those.

The “My Space” webpage has been discontinued for now. Fr. T contacted the Archdiocese about this, and until they set up an official policy, they do not want it used


Financial: Lawrence Williams was not present. Fr. T reported that July finances were down from last year. Last July had 5 Sundays and this year there was only 4. Plus, there were his moving expenses. July finished with a negative balance, but August has finished back in the positive. Kathy Phillips asked if financial reports were going to be submitted to the Parish on a regular basis as in the past. Fr. T stated that he would put out a yearly report for the end of the Fiscal year.

D.R.E.: Sharon Hennick passed out Religious Ed calendar for the year. This was put together by herself, Elaine Caldwell and Fr. T. This year’s calendar is shorter due to starting classes later in September and finishing eelier in May 09. Sharon stated that some changes have been made to Penance Service times. In the past, not too many people with children attend because they don’t get to eat till very late. This year the dinner will be 5:30-7 then the Penance Service will take place so people go home right after the service. Fr T also wanted everyone to know that Wednesday evening Masses will be 5:30-5:55 so everyone can get over to the Hall for dinner; classes will start classes at 6:30 and finish at 7:30. Sharon also reported that all Catechists, and anyone involved with the children will need to update their “Call to Protect” safety training. This is an Archdiocese requirement. Fr. T pointed out that the training update is like the original training; it will only take about 30 minutes and can be done on-line. They will also sign a code of conduct after the update.

Wednesday Community Nights: Sharon Hennick reports that the Wednesday Community dinners begin Sept. 3 with a BBQ and Religious Ed sign-ups. Elaine Caldwell will be there with crafts for the Children to do. The dinner is cooked and served by Francis, Alice and Kathleen Stadleman. Sept. 10th is being cooked by Johanna Hennick and is sponsored by the Hennicks. Sept. 17th, Jay Straley will sponsor and cook the meal. The Altar Society will do a Pot-Luck dinner on the 24th.

Parish Family Life: Elaine Caldwell was not present. Jay read a written report from Elaine stating that the annual Mass and picnic in the city park was well attended, there were between 130-135 participants. “Everyone seemed to have a good time, games went well. The next event is Sept. 3rd when she will provide a craft activity for the children on the first Community Night dinner.” Margaret thanked Jay and Ty for helping with the chairs and tables at the picnic.

Altar Society: Nancy reported that the first Coffee Hour is the 7th of September. Opening Tea is on Sept. 18th and they are doing dinner for the Parish on the 24th. Allison also announced that they are trying to put together a work-party to make place-mats with the coffee bags. Anyone interested can talk to Monica Barnicoff.

St. John’s Report: Dusty stated that things are going well down there. They are happy with the agenda schedules. They just finished their rummage sale and did very well. They are currently conducting an opinion survey about the Prayer Chain. They want to make sure members in the Chain are passing on the Prayer requests. Mary Pelosi is in charge of this. The ladies and men’s prayer groups are meeting weekly. They are using structured materials for this. Dusty reported that they are putting together a PR committee to reach out to the community and let them know what is going on at St. Johns. The editor of the new local newspaper is printing Church bulletins, schedules and events. A volunteer, Vivian, is putting together a news brief to welcome new and returning members. They are also working on strategies to welcome back members who leave the area half the year. Jay suggested mailing them a regular newsletter. Fr. T will work with them on that.

It is reported that some of the transients, being allowed to stay at local motels, are not leaving the rooms in very good shape. It has been decided to consider each request for this on an individual basis and they may have to turn down some of these requests.

Cemetery Committee: Kathy Phillips stated that the mapping is continuing and they are logging the markers. They will need to extend the mapping and grid markers. The committee recommends that the West side be only used as cremation sites since those can be buried shallower than full graves. General fall clean-up will be Saturday, Sept. 20th at 9am. Helpers are encouraged to bring yard tools, weed eaters, etc.. September 27th will be an alternate date in case of rain. Jay asked if a minimum bid for grave markers has been obtained yet. Kathy stated she has not heard back from them. Kathy stated she would follow up on this.

Spirituality Committee: Kathy Phillips reported they had a good meeting this week. Leonardo DeFillipi will be performing on Sunday, October 19th, at 6pm. He will be performing the gospel of St. John in the Hall. This is to make up for his scheduling mix up last spring. This will be at no cost to us and will be limited to just our Catholic community. Fr. T will put it out to the Vicariate. Healing Masses will be scheduled for Wed. Dec. 17th, and Wed. May 13th. The Penance Service will be Dec. 10th and will include 3 visiting Priests. Speaker, Linda Schubert will be here again the weekend of January 24th and 25th. Deacon Bill Brennan will be here again to speak during Palm Sunday weekend. Times will be announced later. The Spiritual library is being moved to the back of the church so the books are more available to Parishioners. The Faith Sharing Bible Study group will begin again on Thursday, Sept 25th, 1030-noon in the Parish Hall. Thursday Adoration will begin again on Sept. 4th; sign-ups will be available in the back of the Church. If someone does not show up for their assigned time, the Chapel has to left unattended, the Monstrance can be covered with an altar cloth, till the next person comes in. Fr. T reported that the Church will be open most of the time, during the day, when he is there. He wants everyone to have access to the Church whenever possible. There are, also, two chairs in the vestibule where he will be meeting with people.

EAT program: Allison Hundley reported that the Barn will not be ready till January. The Presbyterian Church will still available till the spring. There were two inspections this week, The Southcoast Food Share and gave them an “Excellent”. Then the health inspector dropped by and could not find anything wrong. Allison also reported that Kaylee Duvall and Clarissa Castaldi (Cranberry Princesses) have been helping to serve the meals almost every week.

Social Justice Committee: Alison Hundley reported that the school supply drive has been going well and will continue till the middle of September.

Youth: Mike reported that the High School Jet boat trip was well attended, 9 kids participated. The Jr. High trip to the pool was cancelled due to lack of participation, only one girl showed up. They may consider combining the groups for some activities.

Middle school kids will meet on Wednesday night and the high school group on Sunday night at 5 and be done by 6:30. Mike stated that the kids would be fed on Sunday nights just like they other group is fed on Wednesday nights. Lori suggested that the high school parents be asked to assist with these dinners so Mike and Fr. T don’t have to do it all.

Liturgy and Music: Fr. T reported that he and Kathleen are meeting regularly to plan the music; they are currently planned ahead for a month. Catharine and Ray are not doing weekend liturgies. Allison reminded everyone that they will continue to do music for Wednesday nights and some feast days.

Fr T is proposing hiring Kathleen and John Augsburger to assist with music. Putting one of them on the payroll may get them both to join Kathleen Stadleman. The three of them together are very good. He believes that $50.00-$100.00 per week is very reasonable for their services and the Parish can afford it. The Pastoral Council gave their approval by verbal vote, Allison abstained from the vote.

Fr. T stated that one of his first changes, during Masses, will take place before Mass starts. He will come up and join in some congregational singing, a minute of reflection then a few minutes of silent prayer. Other changes will begin after Labor Day weekend as well.


1. Everyone who handles money and is involved with the children be up to date on background checks. He has the forms in his office, Allison will take 3 for herself and the other money counters.

2. The Thanksgiving dinner is on November 12th due to his vacation. He is going away for 2 1/2 weeks and will not be back till after Thanksgiving Day.

3. The parking lot lights have been fixed and a bulb replaced. There is supposed to be 3 lights in the parking lot but he can only find two. This is a security issue and the lot needs to be well lit. He will also, be changing the lights in the church. They will be converted to energy efficient lighting. This means the dimmer switches will be changed to regular switches. This will save the Parish 30-40% on electrical costs and help the environment. He understands that the wiring in the Church is very old and changing to more efficient lighting will relieve some of the burden on the existing system. His brother-in-law will provide the 100 of the bulbs and new light switches; they will be arriving in the next 2 weeks. Jay asked that Fr. T send him his brother-in-law’s name and address so the Pastoral Council can send him a “Thank You” note.

4. Asks for a motion and vote to replace the Budget Committee with the Finance Council. He thanked the members of the Budget committee for all their work.

Kathy Cowan made the motion, Margaret seconded and it passes by unanimous vote.

5. The sign on the door at the Church that gives the Mass times is incorrect. He is asking someone replace this with one or just take it down. Allison stated that a new sign is needed to direct people over to the Chapel for Communion Services. He will take this down for now.


1. Spirituality Committee: Jay asked who the Chairperson of this group is. Kathy Phillips stated that Alice Stadelman is, but she doesn’t like to go to meetings.

2. Paper Towels: Jay has a quote for the motion activated machines, dispensers would be free, the parish would just have to buy the towels. Regular paper towels work out to be 1.37 for 79 feet per roll. And, the electronic ones are $.60 per 79 feet per roll. Hand sanitizer dispensers would be $48.88 for a case of two. That would provide 2400 squirts. There was discussion about these automatic things not working well. They are operated by batteries that need to be replaced occasionally. Allison stated that Jay should check with Pat Richert because for awhile we were getting paper towels free from Bandon Pharmacy. Fr. T believes the automatic ones are more cost effective and better for the environment.

3. Advent Booklets: Fr. T asked if the Parish had ever offered little booklets for families and individuals to use at home. Kathy Cowan stated that a bulletin insert was provided in the past. Fr. T said he is trying to get away from too many bulletin inserts. He stated that the booklet he is looking at is 100 for $.90 apiece. They would be split between Holy Trinity and St. Johns. Mike moved that the Parish purchase 150 of these, Kathy Phillips seconded and the motion passes unanimously.

4. Weekly Bulletin Sponsors: Fr T stated that the best way to communicate with him and get something in the bulletin is to email him. He passed out business cards with his phone and email address. Fr. T stated that he was working on changing the bulletin format. He is making it larger, 8 pages, and including Mass intentions and other new items. He is also considering offering businesses the opportunity to advertise on the bulletin. He does not know if a cost will be associated with it.

5. St. John’s attendance at meetings: Jay reported that they only really needed to attend once a quarter since they have their own meetings in Port Orford. This will save them all the gas to come up every month. Fr. T stated that they agenda would be sent to Dusty. This would allow the representative the opportunity to decide if he should come up to the meeting or not. Should anything come up, involving St. Johns and requiring a vote, the representative could be contacted by phone or email for his vote. Or, Fr T could submit their vote by proxy. Jay stated that this is covered in the bylaws.

Dusty stated that a few months ago Fr. Heiko brought down some pamphlet samples and wanted them to purchase some of them. It was his understanding that St. Johns’ regular payment to Holy Trinity covered the cost of items like that. Fr. T stated it makes sense for Holy Trinity to buy things in bulk to save money and share with St. Johns. This includes Mass cards and Mass intentions. Fr. T does not accept the money for Mass intentions but donates back to whichever Parish is involved. Mass cards should be purchased from that fund. Fr. T will explore the agreements and history behind the agreements with St. Johns so everything is done according to the agreement.

6. Fr. T proposed that the meeting time be changed to 6:30pm so they members could get done earlier. Some of the meetings are scheduled for Tuesday due to Fr. T being unavailable to attend on a Thursday. Allison stated that she has EAT on Tuesdays but she would arrange to be able to attend the meetings. Future meetings are Tuesday, Sept. 30th, Tuesday Oct. 28th, and Tuesday Dec, 9th. There is no meeting in November. Kathy Phillips stated that this mean the Bylaws need to be amended to allow for optional meeting time. Jay will look into this. Mike moved that the meetings be moved to 6:30pm; Allison seconded and passes by unanimous vote.

Dusty asked what meetings Fr. T wants him to attend. It was agreed to discuss that the next St. Johns meeting.

The next meeting will be Tuesday, September 30th at 6:30pm. The meeting was closed with a prayer by Father Andrew. Jay adjourned the meeting at 8:55pm.
Pastoral Council Minutes July 29, 2008
The meeting was called to order by Chairperson, Jay Straley, at 7:05pm. Fr. Andrew opened with a prayer.

ROLL CALL: Parish Council members present were, Jay Straley, Kathy Phillips, and Kathy Cowan. Absent members were Ty Vincent, Margaret Carver and Duane Lindsay. Newly elected members present were Mike Hennick, and Allison Hundley. Other Parishioners present were Sharon Hennick, Nanci Calvert, Francis Stadleman, Elaine Caldwell, and Lawrence Williams, Kathleen Stadleman, Pete Paradies, Geri Procetto, Lori Straley, Dee Holdsclaw and Ray Silva.

MINUTES FROM LAST MEETING: A motion to approve the Minutes of June 19, 2008 meeting was made by Kathy Phillips and seconded by Kathy Cowan. The motion passed by unanimous vote.

SWEARING IN OF NEW OFFICERS: Fr. Andrew swore in new Council members, Mike Hennick and Allison Hundley. Jay Straley was sworn in as Chairperson. Outgoing members, Ty Vincent and Duane Lindsey were not present; however Fr. Andrew thanked them for their service.


1. Painting/Repairs of Church, Hall and Rectory, resurfacing of parking lot: Francis Stadleman reported that sealing the parking lot is scheduled for the 11th and 12th of August. There will be not parking lot access during those two days. He asked for input regarding if there was any reason for a conflict those two days. Concern was expressed about garbage service and scheduled meetings in the Hall so he can notify these groups. Garbage will have to be taken out to the street for pickup that week. Fr. Andrew asked if the work could be put back to August 25th and 26th since he will be gone those two days. Francis will contact the contractor about this.

Fr. Andrew asked what is going to be done about an area of the parking lot near a large tree where the roots have pushed up through the asphalt. Francis stated that area would be dug up and the root cut away. Kathy Cowan asked if new parking space lines would be painted because the old ones were inconsistent. Francis stated that new lines would be painted when sealant was dry.

Francis reported that because August weather is usually the warmest, the painting should be done then. He stated that it would take approximately 2 days with a large group of volunteers. Generous funds have been budgeted for this because some repairs to siding repair are needed also. There are also some fogged windows which require replacement also. Jay asked how much had been budgeted for this. Francis stated approximately $10,000.00.

CHAIRPERSON’S REPORT: Jay stated that there would be no report from St. Johns at this meeting because Fr. Andrew is going to meet with them on Thursday evening.

Jay also advised that in order to close the meetings on time, each item on the addenda would be allotted a specific amount of time. It will be the Chairpersons responsibility to keep each agenda item within their allotted time. The Committee reports are allotted a total of 50 minutes. If that time is completed and a committee has not reported it will be tabled till the next meeting. Extending the reporting time allotment will be up to Fr. Andrew.

Items for New Business are to be scheduled in advance in order to be placed on the agenda and time allotted for the discussion. Jay and Fr. Andrew will set the meeting agendas’ on the Saturday before the meeting.

Jay stated that locks will be changed on all doors. There does not seem to be a list of persons with keys and it is important that this be recorded. Fr. Andrew has already replaced the locks on the Rectory. Fr. Andrew stated that security should be of the utmost importance. The locks are not very strong and can easily be violated. Pete stated that he would work with Fr. Andrew on this since he has been involved with the building security in the past. Keys get expensive and would be a good idea to have a plan before making the change. Jay asked if “The Key Shop” here in Bandon could be called to give a bid. Lori Stated that perhaps the “The Key Shop” would give the parish a good rate for the work because it would be a large job for him. Francis Stadleman suggested that the Parish get several quotes for this. Pete agreed to get the quotes after meeting with Fr. Andrew about what is actually needed. Kathy Phillips asked if there was going be a limitation to the number of keys distributed. Jay thinks that code keys would be best because you can trace who entered. Mike Hennick stated this is very expensive. Pete stated that the current alarm system is traceable back to who ever entered the code for entrance.

Jay states that the Red Cross comes the first Tuesday of the month so there will be no conflict with the interference with the parking lot re-sealing. He distributed a list of Blood Drive dates. Jay contacted David Hawking at the Archdiocese regarding the insurance because it expired in July. He was informed that there would be an automatic renewal as long as there are no changes in the contract and the Parish is not charging any fees for the use of the Hall. Allison stated she would come in to let them in the building. They lock up for themselves when leaving. Elaine asked how the Parish Mardis Gras would be affected by the Red Cross. Jay stated that the Barn renovation should be completed before the spring and the Red Cross will be able to go back to using that facility. Fr. Andrew stated that Ash Wed is February 23rd; this won’t interfere since the Red Cross only comes on the First Tuesday of the month.


Financial: Lawrence Williams reported that the Parish finances are “in good shape”; (see attached financial report). Because the articles of incorporation and bylaws do not state how to handle the finances, he has incorporated the property value to the “paid in capitol”, and everything else will be the retained earnings. The capitol is $10,000.00 and income as $21,304.00. He points out that there are four line items that are out of the ordinary for consideration. They are; Line 6240 for $5,000.00 for the new carpet, Line 6390 fro $6500.00 for the parking lot sealant, Fees for Cemetery maintenance, and the property insurance went from $12,000.00 to $7,000.00 this year.

Lawrence also did an investigation into the copier and when the contract was due. At this time he is unable to find a copy of the contract, he contacted the company directly. He learned that 342,950 copies were made over the past year. Annual monthly usage for 04, 05 and 06 was 5700 per month. For fiscal 07 the number dropped to 1400/month. Lawrence believes that is still very high, he and Allison are trying to determine where the copies are coming from. Lawrence stated that since locks will be changed and key holders will be logged, the copier should be locked up and keys for that controlled as well. Also this copier has the capability of assigning user code numbers, he suggests this be implemented. The amount owed on the copier is three more payments of $70.00 for a maintenance fee and appx. $600.00 pay off. Per month on this lease before renewal is needed. The company automatically renews the contract for two months at a time indefinitely. With a Payoff of about $600.00, Lawrence recommends paying off the copier so the Parish would own it. This would be done by getting a payoff amount in writing from the company as soon as possible before the lease expires. He stated that the copier is adequate and has not encountered any problems in over a year. Allison stated that was because the room is being kept heated so the paper does not become too moist and jam the machine, and keep the papers sealed. Lawrence states that this machine probably could generate another 100,000 copies before it needs to be replaced. Kathy Phillips stated that some of the committees have things that come up that need to be copied. Lawrence stated that this was fine and one person in each committee could be assigned a code number for copier use. Then the usage can be traced. Sharon Hennick reported that she does not use the Parish copier because she has too much trouble with it. All her copies for the Religious Ed and Wednesday dinners are done at her business. Kathy Cowan moved that the Financial Report be accepted as reported, Allison seconded the motion. The motion passed by unanimous vote.

Youth: Mike stated that they now have a “My Space” page for the youth. Some concern was expressed about the safety of this website. Mike states that it is very secure; the only way a message can be posted is by approval of Fr. Andrew, Mike or Johanna Hennick. The site will contain information about Holy Trinity youth activities. Mike states that most of the kids use this website and this is a way to communicate with them. Also, it is free. Mike reports the return of several kids that have not been attending regularly. There is renewed interest in the youth group now that Fr. Andrew has arrived. Lori asked if the information would still be posted on the regular parish website. Fr. Andrew confirmed this. Mike states that there are so many kids that use this that this is just another avenue to reach them and bring them into the Faith. Mike also stated that there was no update regarding the activity at Reedsport with the ST. Monica youth.

D.R.E.: Sharon Hennick reported that two of our Youth are currently Cranberry Festival Princesses; they are Clarissa Castaldi and Kaylee Duvall. They have been meeting with the Toastmasters every Monday to improve their public speaking. Knowing how interested Fr. Andrew is in our youth, she called him up on his day off and invited him to the meeting. Fr. Andrew went right down to the meeting and met the girls. Sharon stated that this was the first time these girls met him, and asked what church he is from. That gave him an opportunity to introduce himself. At the next meeting he brought them cookies. Sharon also reported the Vacation Bible School the first week of July was very successful. Holy Trinity portion of the fees was $52.87; she submitted the billing and receipts to Lawrence. 10 Holy Trinity kids attended. Sharon also expressed concern about chairs and couches that have been placed in the class rooms. They take up too much room and she asks that they be removed. She reported that she and Fr. Andrew are working on the schedule for the coming year. She has a copy of the School District calendar and they will be putting together a Church schedule soon. They are expecting to mail registration forms to the youth and families when the calendar is done.

Wednesday Community Nights: Sharon Hennick report that the Wednesday Community dinners would not be scheduled till the Religious Ed. calendar is completed.

Cemetery Committee: Kathy Phillips stated they are continuing to map the west part. There are several unmarked graves found and two areas where there were graves recorded, none were found. Kathy recommends that the West side only be used for cremation burials because there is so little room. The committee will be mapping an official grid. There are 6 people who have purchased plots on that side, which will have to be given other sites because of the previous incorrect map. Kathy stated there are plots available for them. Kathy has been out of town and did not have a report on the cost of grave markers at this time.

Parish Family Life: Elaine Caldwell stated that the parish picnic is August 10th at the park. The cooks will be Francis Stadleman and Jim Cowan. Her volunteers are Kelly Straley, Kathleen Stadleman and Elaine’s daughter. The theme for this year is “Jungle Safari”. Elaine has ordered Jungle prizes for the kids and they will have games and a treasure hunt. Ty Vincent and John Frietag have helped move chairs in the past. Jay will confirm that Ty and John will do this. Pete will be at the church to redirect people coming for Mass who don’t know it is being held at the park.

Maintenance: Jay stated this was all covered in the Old Business report for the repairs and parking lot. Kathy Phillips asked if we could put together a wish list of work that people would like to see done. Jay stated that this was a good idea. Elaine stated that we need wheelchair accessible bathrooms. Fr. Andrew stated that he would probably do a survey of the Congregation regarding big changes to the Church.

Liturgy and Music: Fr. Andrew reported that with regards to the Liturgy we are a little behind the times and have not adopted some of the General Instructions of the Roman Missal. He will plan to begin introducing these changes in September. He will not do them all at once but just one or two at a time and give people a chance to get used to them. Some changes has already made is having the Altar Severs kneel during the consecration and using a larger bowl for his “hand washing”. He also states that he is working with Kathleen Stadleman on the music and they are meeting monthly and he is going to institute a Liturgy Committee. Elaine suggested Fr. Andrew have a meeting with the groups that serve during Mass to teach them the changes first so they can help lead the rest of the Parish. Kathy Phillips asked that the Spiritual Enrichment Committee be included on the agenda as well. Kathy Phillips also said that the Liturgy Committee disbanded because the meetings were long and it was the same people that were on other committees and just became too much. She stated that it was herself, Alice Stadleman, Margaret Carver and Kathleen Stadleman. Fr. Andrew requested that the Committees let him know when they are meeting so he can come once in awhile. Sharon Hennick asked if the Parish Directory was of any help to him. Father stated that it will be in the future when he starts hearing more names and getting the scheduling done. Dee Holdsclaw stated that there is a mistake in the directory; Carol Holden is in charge of the Home Bound Ministry not Margaret Carver.

Altar Society: Nanci Calvert stated that she needed some people stay after the meeting and help arrange tables for the reception on Sunday following the Installation Mass. She informed Fr. Andrew that the Altar Society hosts a Coffee Hour on the first Sunday of each month starting in September. The first on is September 7th.

EAT program: Allison Hundley reported that they celebrated their 4th anniversary on June 10th. Also, Kaylee Duval assisted with the EAT dinner tonight. EAT has been approved for a $1000.00 grant from the city which they will use for food. The timeline to return to the Barn has been extended and they should be able to move back in around after Thanksgiving. This is very important because the Presbyterian Church where they are currently housed is doing a renovation the spring on 2009.

Social Justice Committee: Alison Hundley reported that they have had more calls for food and assistance with transportation. Tickets (a grant from the Oregon Community Foundation) for the Curry bus are available from EAT program, Allison, and Fr. Andrew. Their next project will be a school supply drive for Bandon’s needy children. Allison is planning to attend a Peace and Justice meeting sponsored by the Archdiocese of Portland on Sept. 6th. (Allison also submitted a written report, see attached.)

Budget Committee: Kathy Phillips submitted a proposed budget based on the 2007-2008 expenditures (see attached). Fr. Andrew thanked her and stated that it will be a good starting point for his newly formed finance committee. He will be putting together this committee very soon because some of the budget items have already exceeded proposed spending and there are needs for the Parish that have not been addressed. The finance committee will be asking all Committees to submit a proposed budget for this use. Kathleen Stadleman asked that he choose persons who are active in the Parish and good with numbers, to be members of the Finance Committee. Fr. Andrew stated he would take this under consideration. Elaine expressed concerns about the cost of the Parish Picnic. Fr. Andrew told her to get what she needs and the Parish will reimburse her.


1. Furniture in the Hall- Fr. Andrew stated this was all furniture in the house that he did not need. Francis Stadleman offered to store it at his retreat house, Peaceful Waters. The Council is in agreement to this and Francis will get it moved over.

2. Assumption Mass: He is planning 2 Masses at Holy Trinity 9am and 7pm. There will be a Vigil Mass at St. Johns at 3:30 the day before at the Hughes House. Kathleen Stadleman will contact Catharine Rowe regarding music for these Masses.

3. Fr. Andrew had a Pest inspector at the facility today and there needs to be more clearance between the bushes and the sides of the buildings. There also needs to be more clearance between the ground and the wood siding of the buildings. He is also contacting the city to find out if there is a regulation about the height of shrubs. Geri Procetto stated that she did not think there was a height limitation on fences but not shrubs. Fr. Andrew said he is going to contact the Bandon Inn, try to make friends and work with them on the height of their shrubs and trees since they block the view from the church. Also, there is gorse that needs to be removed.

4. He believes that the copier should be purchased so it can be traded in, in a couple years, for something better. Bids for leasing a new one are very expensive.

5. He and Mike are working on surveys to find out what is the best way to schedule youth group meetings and Confirmation. The Confirmation classes will probably be held one night a month till the spring when they will meet weekly. He is currently working on this. He is also working on changing the Parish policy about Mass attendance. Currently the policy states that the kids have to attend Mass regularly for 6 months in advance of the class. This limits many kids and the Parish should be more welcoming. The wording in the policy is just too restrictive.

6. Installation Mass is this Sunday. Some of the children and Parishioners will be participating. Jay Straley and Mike Hennick will be the official witnesses. Monsignor O’Donovan will be officiating the installation.

7. Fr. Andrew will be gone the New Pastor workshops and some Archdiocese committee meetings during the fall. There are some Sundays when Communion Services will have to substitute for Mass. There will not be a Thanksgiving Day Mass because he takes that time off to be with his family. He will be publishing a calendar regarding Mass schedules and when Communion services will need to be scheduled.

8. Regarding Ray Silvia’s proposal for the Parish to assist with his tuition. Father is in favor of this. Francis proposed that Ray make a commitment to serve the Parish for 3 years following completion of his education. Ray agreed to this. Mike Hennick moved that the Parish assist with Ray’s tuition as proposed (see attached) with the stipulation that he commit 3 years to serving the Parish. Allison seconded this motion. The motion passed unanimously.


1. Confirmation policy-Father proposes that some of the wording be changed to make the Sacraments more accessible to the people. He wants wording that invites and encourages the kids to attend Mass regularly.

2. If kids have too many strict rules they will be pushed away from the Church. Mike Hennick stated that the Parish needs to Love them not make more rules for them. Lori Straley asked if this was a Parish policy or a Diocese policy. Fr. Andrew stated this is just a Parish policy and as long as the rules for the Church are followed there is no problem. Kathy Phillips asked what the official rules were. Fr. Andrew explained that the only directive is that the kid has a vested interest in the Church. He also stated that he cannot be withholding the Sacraments from people. He is here to bring them to the people.

3. There is the issue of signature cards for the Parish accounts. Father needs to get them changed. Jay, and Lawrence are currently signers but he should have 2 more. Jim Cowan and Stephanie Arriola have been signers in the past. The Council agreed that they should be asked

4. Jay will talk to Allison about the public transportation tickets. Kathleen Stadleman gets some of the tickets in case someone stops at the Church when she is working in there. Also the police department has some too.

The next meeting will be August 28th at 7pm. The meeting was closed with a prayer by Father Andrew. Jay adjourned the meeting at 8:47pm
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